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Thank you for inspiring an entire generation, thank you for igniting an entire nation. Thank you     for the privilege of publishing your autobiography 'Wings of Fire' and your seminal work 'Squaring    the Circle'. Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. R.I.P.
Building a Just World: Essays in Honour of Muchkund Dubey

Manoranjan Mohanty (ed.),Vinod C. Khanna (ed.),Biswajit Dhar (ed.)

Rs. 925, Hardback, 432 pp
140 x 216 mm, 20154, 978-81-250-5906-6

Muchkund Dubey is one of India´s best-known diplomats and public intellectuals. For many decades he played a key role in the making of India´s foreign policy and in shaping the United Nations programmes for developing countries...

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A Companion to Literary Forms

Padmaja Ashok

Rs.130, Paperback, 168 pp
140 x 216 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5865-6

A Companion to Literary Forms is a useful ready reckoner for both students and teachers of English literature. The study of literary genres and forms plays a key role in sensitising the student of literature to the nuances of a work of art. No course in literature can be complete without adequate knowledge of literary forms...

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Practical Geography: A Systematic Approach (Third Edition)
Ashis Sarkar

Rs. 325, Paperback, 484 pp
216 x 280 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5903-5

The modern academic discipline of geography is rooted in ancient practice. Its separate identity was first formulated and named some 2,000 years ago by the Greeks when they combined the Greek words geo and graphein to mean ´earth writing or ´earth description´...

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The Trouble with Marriage: Feminists Confront Law and Violence in India
Srimati Basu

Rs. 775, Hardback, 280 pp
158 x 240 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5864-9

The Trouble with Marriage considers the legacies of legal reforms around marriage and gendered violence in India in the 1980s which were strongly influenced by demands of the women´s movement: lawyer-free Family Courts, the criminal prosecution of domestic violence, rape law reform, and the promotion of alternate dispute resolution as a mode of better gendered access...

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Economic Growth and its Distribution in India
Pulapre Balakrishnan (Ed.)

Rs. 745, Paperback, 516 pp
158 x 240 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5901-1

After a boom in the early twenty-first century, India witnessed a macroeconomic reversal marked by a slowdown in growth that has lasted a little longer than the boom.

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Impure Languages : Linguistic and literary hybridity in contemporary cultures
Rama Kant Agnihotri, Claudia Benthien and Tatiana Oranskaia (eds)

Rs. 895, Hardback, 408 pp
140 x 216 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5490-0

This book examines the notion of ´hybridity ´as a central figure in the intercultural discourse in post-structuralist and post-colonial theories . Here the concept of hybridity is used as a working term to analyse processes of creation and usages of hybrid languages in contemporary cultures.

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Cognition, Experience and Creativity
Jaison A. Manjaly and Bipin Indurkhya (eds)

Rs. 795, Hardback, 308 pp
140 x 216 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5731-4

This book aims to showcase some of the recent developments in the areas of research in creativity and experience. The collection of essays embraces both theoretical and empirical approaches and tries to understand the complexity underlying creativity and its social, cultural and biological underpinnings.

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Class, Patriarchy and Ethnicity on Sri Lankan Plantations : Two Centuries of Power and Protest
Kumari Jayawardena and Rachel Kurian

Rs. 825, Hardback, 364 pp
140 x 216 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5878-6

Class, Patriarchy and Ethnicity on Sri Lankan Plantations takes as its central theme the plantations of Sri Lanka, from their inception in the early nineteenth century to almost the present day in the twenty-first.

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Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan - Himachal Pradesh Ki Bhashayen (Volume11, Part1)(Hindi)
Ganesh N.Devy and Tobdan

Rs. 1,495, Hardback, 372 pp
180 x 240 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5690-4

The Peoples´ Linguistic Survey of India is a right based movement for carrying out a nationwide survey of Indian languages especially languages of fragile communities such as nomadic, coastal, island, hill and forest communities.

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Displaying India´s Heritage: Archaeology and the Museum Movement in Colonial India
Madhuparna Roychowdhury

Rs. 875, Hardback, 400 pp
140 x 216 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5902-8

Displaying India´s Heritage describes the history of museum-making in the Indian subcontinent in the 1800s and 1900s with special emphasis on the experience of Bengal. It details the connection between the museum movement and the broader political and cultural environment of the time.

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After the Bomb: Reflections on India’s Nuclear Journey
Achin Vanaik

Rs. 575, Hardback, 232 pp
140 x 216 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5853-3

Proponents of India´s nuclear weapons programme have felt vindicated ever since the 2009 Indo´US Civilian Nuclear Deal allowed India to have access to advanced civilian nuclear technology without renouncing its nuclear weapons programme.

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Science, Technology and Development in India: Encountering Values
Rajeswari S. Raina

Rs. 675, Hardback, 312 pp
140 x 216 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5855-7

There are multiple development problems in India that demand S&T solutions. Sound science is crucial for development policy formulation.

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FDI in India: History, Policy and the Asian Perspective
Manoj Pant with Deepika Srivastava

Rs. 695, Hardback, 320 pp
140 x 216 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5774-1

Will large corporate giants monopolise and take over highly profitable sectors? Will the government have effective control over these companies?

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Interpreting Islam, Modernity, and Women´s Rights in Pakistan
Anita M. Weiss

Rs. 595, Hardback, 204 pp
140 x 216 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5773-4

Throughout the world, and especially in South Asia, myriad constituencies are grappling with rethinking and renegotiating the contours of society, particularly women´s place in the larger social order.

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Kerala Modernity: Ideas, Spaces and Practices in Transition
Satheese Chandra Bose and Shiju Sam Varughese

Rs. 625, Hardback, 256 pp
140 x 216 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5722-2

Throughout the world, and especially in South Asia, myriad constituencies are grappling with rethinking and renegotiating the contours of society, particularly women’s place in the larger social order.

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Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty
Veena Das

Rs. 750, Hardback, 272 pp
158 x 240 mm, 2015, 978-81-250-5732-1

Affliction inaugurates a novel way of understanding the trajectories of health and disease in the context of poverty. Shifting the focus from the encounter between patient and practitioner within the space of the clinic, it privileges the networks of relations, institutions, and knowledge over which the experience of illness is dispersed.

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Civil Engineering Contracts and Estimates (Fourth Edition)
B S Patil

Rs. 525, Paperback, 512 pp
180 x 240 mm, 2015, 978-81-7371-957-8

Civil Engineering Contracts and Estimates, Fourth Edition, combines in a single book, two important sections of Civil Engineering—Contracts and Estimates. In this edition, the rates and costs have been updated to bring them on par with the rates prevailing in 2014´15.

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Internet of Things: A Hands-on Approach
Arshdeep Bahga and Vijay Madisetti

Rs. 675, Paperback, 520 pp
216 x 280 mm, 2015, 978-81-7371-954-7

This book is written as a textbook for educational programs at colleges and universities. It can also be used by IoT (Internet of Things) vendors and service providers for training their program developers.

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Mudaliar and Menon´s Clinical Obstetrics (Twelfth Edition)
Sarala Gopalan, Dr. S.Rathnakumar, Dr. Vanita Jain

Rs. 695, Paperback, 512 pp
216 x 280 mm, 2015, 978-81-7371-953-0

Mudaliar and Menon´s Clinical Obstetrics, a classic among textbooks, has been popular with several generations of students. Originally written by Dr A.L. Mudaliar and Dr. M.K. Krishna Menon, the twelfth edition has been thoroughly updated and revised to keep abreast of the latest advances in obstetrics.

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