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The Writings of A. M. Shah: The Household and Family in India
A. M. Shah
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ISBN : 9788125053408
Language : English
Pages : 536
Binding : Hardback
Book Size : 140 x 216 mm
Year : 2014
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About the Book

  • This volume brings together the seminal contributions of the sociologist Professor A. M. Shah to the study of the household and family in India.
  • The Household Dimension of the Family in India (Book One) was widely regarded as a landmark study when it first appeared in 1973.
  • It combines micro and macro perspectives, and offers a rigorous critique of the stereotype of the ‘decline’ of the joint family under conditions of industrial modernisation. This book continues to be used as a principal text in many family and kinship courses in sociology departments across the country.
  • It is reproduced here with the original foreword by M. N. Srinivas and the original Annotated Bibliography.
  • The Family in India: Critical Essays (Book Two), first published in 1998, covers a wide range of theoretical, methodological, substantive and policy issues relating to the family.
  • Book Three, titled Essays on the Family and the Elderly, contains three more recent essays, which explore the effects of changes in the family on the elderly; explain the relevance of census data for studies of the household; and comment on the current state of family studies in India from the perspective of the author’s many decades of engagement with the field.
  • The Writings of A. M. Shah has a foreword by Professor Patricia Uberoi.
Table of Contents

Foreword by Patricia Uberoi


BOOK ONE The Household Dimension of the Family in India: A Field Study in a Gujarat Village and a Review of Other Studies

Foreword by M. N. Srinivas

Part I: The Household in a Gujarat Village

Part II: The Study of the Household and Related Dimensions of the Family in India

Annotated Bibliography

BOOK TWO The Family in India: Critical Essays

BOOK THREE Essays on the Elderly and Family Studies


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A. M. Shah retired as Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Delhi University, in 1996.