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Paryavaran Adhyayan Doosra Sanskaran (Hindi)
Erach Bharucha
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ISBN : 9788125057512
Language : Hindi
Pages : 328
Binding : Paperback
Book Size : 180 x 240 mm
Year : 2015
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Territorial Rights : World
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About the Book

Paryavaran Adhyayan (second edition) is the Hindi edition of the second edition of A textbook of Environmental Studies published by Universities Press.
Environmental studies’ has become an undisputed requirement in the syllabi of all undergraduate courses. The first edition of this textbook was the outcome of the efforts of the Expert Committee constituted by the UGC in response to the directive given by the Supreme Court of India, on the necessity for a basic course on the environment. The Second Edition has incorporated the feedback from the students and faculty to make it more user-friendly.

Salient features:

  • Tailored precisely to suit the curriculum set down by the UGC.
  • Relevant new case studies, examples, photographs and figures make the book student and teacher-friendly.
  • The subject matter is presented in very simple and lucid language which makes the concepts clear to Engineering, Arts, Science and Commerce students alike.
  • The important aspect of ‘fieldwork’ is included in Unit 8.
  • Flowcharts have been introduced wherever required so that concepts are clearer in the students’ minds.
  • The refrain of ‘sustainable living’ runs though the entire book, thus awakening the students to reality and suggests solutions for commonly encountered environmental issues.

Questions are provided at the end of each chapter to test comprehension.

Table of Contents

  1. Paryavaran Adhyayan ki Bahushastriya Prakriti [The Multidisciplinary Nature of Environmental Studies]
  2. Prakritik Sansaadhan [Natural Resources] 
  3. Paaritantra[Ecosystems]
  4. Jaiv-Vividdhta[Biodiversity]
  5. Pradushan [Pollution]
  6. Samajik Mudde aur Paryavaran [Social Issues and Environment]
  7. Manav Jansankhya aur Paryavaran [Human Population and the Environment]
  8. Kshetra Karya [Field Work]

Naye Ubharte Bharat mein Nirvahniya Vikas ki Avshayakta
 [The Need for Sustainable Development and Biodiversity Conservation for a New Emerging India]
Bahu Vaikalpik Prashan [Multiple Choice Questions] 


Sandharbh Pustakein [FurtherReading] 

Anukramnika [Index]

Contributors (Author(s), Editor(s), Translator(s), Illustrator(s) etc.)

Dr Erach Bharucha is Director, Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment Education and Research, Pune. He has been engaged in implementing a variety of environmental education programmes for schools and colleges. He has been associated with the NCERT, SCERT and UGC to further the cause of formal environmental education.