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Azadi ki Kahani
Maulana Abul Kalam Azaad
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ISBN : 978-81-250-5888-5
Language : English
Pages : 280
Binding : Paperback
Book Size : 140 x 216 mm
Year : 2015
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Territorial Rights : World
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Catalogues : General Books,Hindi
About the Book

This book is the Hindi version of the book India Wins Freedom published by Orient Blackswan.This is a first-hand autobiographical account of the story of independence of India achieved in 1947 as told to us by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first Minister of Education of Independent India - one of the makers of modern India. He tells the story of the partition of India as never before, with intimate knowledge and feeling.

The full text of this autobiographical narrative was confined, under seal, in the National Library, Calcutta, and in the National Archives, New Delhi, for thirty years. What we now have is the complete text, released in September 1988, by a court directive. 

Table of Contents

  1. Congress ne Baagdor Sambhaali (Congess took the charge of the government)
  2. Europe mein Mahaayudh ( World war in Europe)
  3. Mein Congress ka Adhyaksh Bana  (I became the Congress President)
  4. Ek Cheeni Antraal  (A Chinese interval)
  5. Cripps Mission  (Cripps Mission)
  6. Baichaini  ka Daur  (The era of restlessness)
  7. Bharat Chhodo  (Quit India)
  8. Ahmad Nagar Kile  ki Jail  (the Prison of Ahmad Nagar Fort)
  9. Shimla Sammeaen (Simla Conference)
  10. Aam Chunav (General elections)
  11. British Mantrimandaliye Mission (British Cabinet mission)
  12. Vibhaajan ki Bhumika (Role of partition)
  13. Antarim Sarkar (interim Government)
  14. Mountbatten Mission (Mountbatten Mission)
  15. Ek Sapne ka Ant (End of a Dream)
  16. Vibhaajit Hindustan  (a Divided India)
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Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (1888-1958) was a freedom fighter. He joined free India’s first Union Cabinet as Minister for Education and remained on this post until his death.