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Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan : Gujarat, Diu-Daman ane Dadra Nagar Havelini Bhasha, Khand 9, Bhag 3 (Gujarati)
Ganesh Devy,Kanji Patel
Price : ₹ 3850.00  
ISBN : 978-81-250-6112-0
Language : Gujarati
Pages : 960
Binding : Hardback
Book Size : 180 x 240 mm
Year : 2016
Series : Peoples Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI)
Territorial Rights : World
Imprint : No Image
About the Book

The Peoples’ Linguistic Survey of India is a right based movement for carrying out a nation-wide survey of Indian languages especially the languages of fragile communities such as nomadic, coastal, island, hill and forest communities.

There are 88 volumes in the series of People’s Linguistic Survey of India published by us. This book is Part 3 of  Volume 9 (Gujarat, Diu- Daman ane Dadra Nagar Havelini Bhasha  [Gujarati]) of The People's Linguistic Survey of India Series (PLSI) undertaken and executed by Bhasha Research and Publication Center, Baroda.  

The present book contains the information on 47 languages and linguistic variety of the Gujarat State of India. The survey of languages included in this volume are as follows:

a]Scheduled languages : Gujarati, Urdu and Sindhi. The regional varieties of Gujarati such as Charotari, Pattani, Vagheri, Halari, Surati, Saurashtri/Sorathi, Jataki, Mutawaki and Kutchhi have also been included in this volume. Similarly regional varieties of Sindhi have also been covered in this survey.
b]Tribal languages : Ambudi, Airani, Kathali Vasavi, Kathodi, Kunkana, Kotal, Kotwali, Garasiya, Gamit, Gorpa, Charani, Chaudhari,  Dangi, Rathwi, Siddi, Dungara Bhili, Dungari Bhili, Dhodia, Tadavi, Talavia-Rathod, Dehwali, Panchamahali Bhili, Mavachi, Varali, Rathwi and Siddi.
c]Denotified, Nomadic Tribes [DNT] languages : Chamathi, Dafer, Thori, Nayaki, Bahurupi, Bhantu, Madari, Mir-Mirasi, Vanjhari, Vadi, Sandhi, 
d]Coastal languages : Kolagha, Kodi,  Kharwa, Mangeli, Mer.

The volume is supplemented with a]11 maps depicting linguistic variety in the State; b] elaborate bibliography given at the end of each chapter. c] an elaborate word- index at the end of the volume
Table of Contents

  • Anukramanika [Table of Contents]
  • Nakshasuchi [Maps]
  • Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan [(what is) People’s Linguistic Survey of India]
  • Rashtriya Sampadak Mandal [National Editorial Collective]
  • Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan Granthshreni [The complete list of titles in PLSI series]
  • Rinn sweekaar  [Acknowledgement]
  • Prastaawik by D P Pattanayak [Preface by Dr D P Pattanayak]
  • Aapanni Bhashaayi Vividhtaa by Ganesh Devy [Editorial by Dr G N Devy]
  • Sampaadakiya by Professor Kanji Patel [Editorial by  Kanji Patel]
  • Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan Prakriya [ Process of author’s being associated with PLSI]
  • Sahyogi Lekhkon ki Suchi [ List of contributors]
  • Pathakon se Nivedan  [An open appeal to the readers]
  • Lipi [Script]
  • Pramukh Anusuchit Bhasha (Pie Chart)
  • Bharatana Vividh Rajyana Gujarati nu Sankhyatmak Prabhav (Pie Chart)
  • Prastut  Granth ma samaavisht Bhasha  [A list of languages in Gujarati alphabetical order]
  • Sangyao ( Abbreviations)

1. Gujarati         
2. Urdu  3. Sindhi
4. Katchhi    5. Arabi   6.Irani   7. Faarsi
8. Ambudi  9.Airani  10. Kathali-vasavi  11.Kothodi   12.Kunkana  13.Kotali    14.Kotwali   15.Garasiya   16.Gamit   17.Gorpa  18.Charani   19.Chaudhari   20.Dangi   21.Dungara Bhili    22.Dongari Bhili   23.Dhodia  24.Tadavi    25.Talavia Rathod   26.Dehwali 27.Panchmahali   28. Mavachi   29.Varali   30.Rathwi 31.Siddi  
32.Chamathi   33.Dafer   34.Thori    35.Nayaki  36.Bahurupi   37.Bhantu 38. Madari  
39.Mir-Mirasi  40.Vanjhari   41.Vadi     42.Sandhi
43.Kolgha   44. Kodi   45. Kharwa    46.Mangeli    47. Mer

List of tables and figures
Figure I : Distribution of Indian Languages in Gujarat state.
Figure II:  Distribution of Gujarati speakers  in other Indian states.
Figure III: Map of the Gujarat - Political
Figure IV: Map of the Gujarati and the language diversity in Gujarat
Figure V: Map of the Gujarat’s other scheduled and important languages.
Figure VI: Map of the Gujarat’s adiwasi languages.
Figure VII: Map of the Gujarat’s other Extinct languages.
Figure VIII: Map of the Gujarat’s Coastal languages.

Contributors (Author(s), Editor(s), Translator(s), Illustrator(s) etc.)

Professor  Ganesh  Devy taught English at the Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda; a renowned literary critic and activist; founder and director of the Tribal Academy at Tejgadh, Gujarat; and director of the Sahitya Akademi’s Project on Literature in Tribal Languages and Oral Folk Traditions. He received Sahitya  Akademi award for his book After Amnesia in 1994. He is an active participant in the functioning of Bhasha Academy. He was awarded the Padmashri in 2014. He is the moving spirit behind PLSI series.

Professor Kanji Patel, the volume editor, is an English language teacher and a famous Gujarati writer. He is a professor of English at the language department in Lunavada College in Lunavada of Panchmahala and has become an important figure who speaks for the rights of the denotified and nomadic tribes of Gujarat. He is one of the key members of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAG) appointed by the Central government to ask for suggestions of development of such tribes.

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