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Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan : Uttar Pradesh Ki Bhashayen (Volume 29, Part 1)
Ganesh Devy,Badri Narayan, Ramashankar Singh
Price : ₹ 2075.00  
ISBN : 978-81-250-6136-6
Language : Hindi
Pages : 456
Binding : Hardback
Book Size : 180 x 240 mm
Year : 2016
Series : Peoples Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI)
Territorial Rights : World
Imprint : No Image
About the Book

The Peoples’ Linguistic Survey of India is a right based movement for carrying out a nation-wide survey of Indian languages especially languages of fragile communities such as nomadic, coastal, island, hill and forest communities.

This book is Part 1of Volume 29 (Uttar Pradesh ki Bhaashyen [Hindi]) of The People's Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI) undertaken and executed by Bhasha Research and Publication Center, Baroda.  

The present book contains the information on language and linguistic variety of the Uttar Pradesh State of India. The languages included in this book are: four scheduled languages:
Urdu, Nepali, Sindhi, Hindi; Non-scheduled languages - Awadhi, Ilahabadi, Kannuji, Kaurvi, Tharu, Bagheli, Bundeli, Baiswari Awadhi,  Brij, Bhojpuri and Other nomadic languages –[like the languages of Nishad, Pandas, Nat, Kanjar jati and the Mahavatas]

Table of Contents

  • Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan [People’s Linguistic Survey of India]
  • Rashtriya Sampadak Mandal [national editorial collective]
  • Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan Granthmala [The complete list of titles in PLSI series]
  • Aabhaar [Acknowledgement]
  • Samarpan[ Dedication]
  • Bhumika by Dr D P Pattanayak [Preface by Dr D P Pattanayak]
  • Mukhya Sampaadkiya by Dr G N Devy [Editorial by Dr G N Devy]
  • Sampaadkiya by Professor Badri Narayan  [Editorial by Professor Badri Narayan  ]
  • Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan se Judna [ Experience of author’s being associated with PLSI]
  • Pathakon se  Vinti [An open appeal to the readers]
  • Lipi [Script]
  • Pie Chart
  • Sahyogi Lekhkon ki Suchi [ List of contributors]
  • Akaraadi kram mein bhashaon ke Naam [A list of languages in Hindi alphabetical order]


  •   Urdu
  •  Nepali
  •  Sindhi
  •  Hindi

1. Awadhi,
2. Ilahabadi,
3. Kannouji
4. Kauravi,
5. Tharu,
6. Bagheli,
7. Bundeli,
8. Baiswari Awadhi,
9. Brij
10. Bhojpuri

ANAY BHASHYEN (Other languages)
1. Gupt Bhashon ka Sansar : Nishadon aur Pando ki Bhashyen
2. Chamarmangata
3. Nat aur Kanjar jati ki bhasha
4. Mahavaton ki boli

Parishisht-I    Sanskriti ki khoyi hui chabhiyan [ an article by Awadhesh kumar Mishra ]
Parishisht-II    Lekhak Parichay [Authors introductions]
Parishisht-III    Manchitra [Maps]
Parishisht-IV   Shabd-anukramani  ka [Index]

Contributors (Author(s), Editor(s), Translator(s), Illustrator(s) etc.)

Dr Ganesh N Devy taught English at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda; a renowned literary critic and activist; founder and director of the Tribal Academy at Tejgadh, Gujarat; and director of the Sahitya Akademi’s Project on Literature in Tribal Languages and Oral Folk Traditions. He is an active participant in the functioning of Bhasha Academy. He was awarded the Padmashri in 2014.
He is Chair, People’s Linguistic Survey of India, 37, Bhasha Research and Publication Centre, Baroda.

Professor Badri Narayan is the volume editor of   Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan :  Uttar Pradesh Ki Bhashayen (Volume 29, Part1) (Hindi). He is presently the professor in Centre for the study of discrimination and exclusion, Social of Social Science, Jawaharlal Lal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has been identified among top ten intellectuals in India by the reputed magazine, INDIA TODAY in 2010. His recent publication is Kanshiram: Leader of the Dalits, Penguin Books, and New Delhi 2014. His other important publications are The making of the Dalit public in North India: Uttar Pradesh, 1950-present, Oxford University Press, (2011), Fascinating Hindutva : Saffron Politics and Dalit Mobilization ( 2009 ) and Women Heroes and Dalit Assertion in North India ( 2006 ) from Sage Publication, New Delhi. His books and writings have been included in the course of various universities like the University of Chicago, Columbia University and also in Indian Universities and taught to the students.

Mr. Ramashankar Singh an editorial associate in this volume. He is a senior research fellow at G B Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad. He is MA (Ancient History) from Awadh University, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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