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Organisational Studies in India
R. C. Tripathi and Rohit Dwivedi(Eds.)
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ISBN : 9788125064244
Language : English
Pages : 560
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Year : 2016
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About the Book

Indian organisations are more complex than organisations elsewhere, because of the unique cultural, economic and political contexts to which they belong. They present a diverse mix of new and old, religious and secular, rational and irrational; there are organisations that rank among the best, and those that barely deliver. In today’s economically interdependent world, the success and failure of Indian organisations have implications for other nations as well.

Unlike previous research that studied organisations on the basis of universal principles, through Euro-centric models based on Western knowledge, Organisational Studies in India presents a range of perspectives and employs multiple lenses to provide a comprehensive understanding of the way organisations function in India.

This collection of research studies focuses on a diversity of issues that organisationsin Indiaface, along with the differences in their contexts. The common theme across all chapters is an assessment of the extent to which Indianorganisations hasbrought about the convergence of resources to build a modern nation-state. Focusing on alternative ways of looking at organisational phenomena,the contributing authors bring together their vast experience in academia and practice in their writings to present a nuanced picture of organisational practices and behaviour.

With its emphasis on perspectives embedded in the Indian context,this book will be of immense value to students and scholars of psychology, organisational studies and comparative management,and scientist-professionals in India and abroad. It will also interest transnational organisations operating in India and those employing Indians in other countries.

Table of Contents

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Organisational Studies in India—Towards a Multi-Lens Perspective R. C. Tripathi and Rohit Dwivedi


1.Motivation and Values
Ritu Tripathi

2.Justice and Identity: Implication for the Workplace
Purnima Singh

3. Reframing the Leader-Follower Relationship
Mamta Srivastava

4. Excellence in Leadership Development: Structural Similarities beyond the Cultural Dissimilarities
P. Sethu Madhavan

5. Emotional Climate of the Organisations
Alka Bajpai and Supriya Chaturvedi


6. Job Performance Research: Review and Future Directions
Shailendra Singh

7.Organisational Capital
Anamika Pandey

8. Transgressive Behaviours in Organisations
Rashmi Kumar and Seema Singh


9.Reinventing Educational Organisations
Rajeev Sharma

10. Making Sense of Organisational Change
Rohit Dwivedi

11. Emotions as Vehicles of Organisational Change: Learnings from Some Indian Narratives
Anand Prakash

12. Subaltern Narratives of Organisational Change
Chandranshu Sinha

13. Aligning People Product/Services and Processes— The A3P Model for Strategic Change and Development in Organisations
Mala Sinha


14. Organisational Behaviour in Co-operatives
Saswata Narayan Biswas

15. Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) in India
G. V. P. Rajan

16. Not-for-Profit Organisations
Rekha Singhal
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R. C. Tripathi (ed.) is the editor of the international journal Psychology and Developing Societies. He was earlier Professor (Organisational Behaviour) and Chair, Department of Psychology, University of Allahabad.

Rohit Dwivedi (ed.) is Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Shillong.