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Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
V E Annamalai
Price : ₹ 275.00
ISBN : 978-93-8623-504-6
Language : English
Pages : 276
Binding : Paperback
Book Size : 180 x 240 mm
Year : 2017
Series :
Territorial Rights : World
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About the Book

The book provides an in-depth coverage of Engineering Materials and Metallurgy as required by the undergraduate students of engineering. The core concepts have been simplified for better understanding using graphs, tables, figures and examples. Self-evaluation questions will help the students assess their understanding and knowledge of the subject.

Special features

  • Explains different types of materials, their properties, uses, treatments and transformations
  • Over 155 illustrations
  • 160 short answer and 55 long answer type questions
  • 100 multiple choice questions with answers
  • Sample university question papers with answers to select questions
  • An annexure with questions that appeared in GATE exams
Table of Contents


Alloys and Phase Diagrams
1.1 Introduction to Metallurgy
1.2 Equilibrium Heating and Cooling
1.3 Solidification
1.4 Co-existence of Metals/Materials
1.5 Phase
1.6 Phase Rule
1.7 Solid Solution and its Types
1.8 Describing a Solid Solution Phase Diagram
1.9 Eutectic System Phase Diagram
1.10 Peritectic Reaction
1.11 Transformations in the Solid State
1.12 Summary of Phase Diagram Types
2. The Iron–Carbon System
2.1 Introduction to the Iron–Carbon System
2.2 Plotting an Iron–Carbon Diagram
2.3 Marking the Peritectic Points
2.4 Marking the Eutectic Points
2.5 Drawing the Eutectoid Portion Curve
2.6 Discussing the Transformations
2.7 Invariant Reaction
2.8 Summary of Reactions in the Iron–Carbon Diagram
2.9 Phases Present
2.10 Critical Temperatures
2.11 Transformations in Equilibrium Conditions
2.12 Drawing the Microstructures
2.13 Formation of Pearlite
2.14 Classification, Composition and Microstructure of Ferrous Materials
2.15 Coring and Homogenisation
3. Non-equilibrium Transformations and Hardenability
3.1 Isothermal Transformation Diagram
3.2 TTT Diagram
3.3 Continuous Cooling Curves (CCC) and Superimposing on TTT
3.4 Critical Cooling Rate
3.5 Microstructures of Steel
3.6 Formation of Martensite
3.7 Formation of Pearlite
3.8 Hardenability
3.9 Jominy End Quench Test
4. Heat Treatment
4.1 The Principle of Heat Treatment
4.2 Definition of Heat Treatment
4.3 Applications of Heat Treatment
4.4 Case Hardening
4.5 Consolidated Information
5. Ferrous Alloys
5.1 Classification, Composition and Microstructure of Ferrous Materials
5.2 Effect of Non-equilibrium Cooling
5.3 Allotropy of Iron
5.4 Effect of Alloying Elements
5.5 Element-wise Effects
5.6 Multi-alloyed Steels
5.7 Special Steels
5.8 Wrought and Cast Iron
5.9 Designation of Ferrous Materials
6. Non-ferrous Alloys
6.1 Copper and its Alloys
6.2 Aluminium and its Alloys
6.3 Bearing Alloys
6.4 Magnesium Alloys
6.5 Nickel Alloys
6.6 Lead and Tin Alloys
6.7 Titanium and its Alloys
7. Polymers
7.1 Polymers and Elastomers
7.2 Polymer Molecular Structures
7.3 Formation of Polymers
7.4 Types of Polymers
7.5 Properties and Applications of Polymers
7.6 Resins
7.7 Future of Plastics
8. Ceramics
8.1 Ceramics
8.2 Processing of Ceramics
8.3 Engineering Ceramics
8.4 Composites
8.5 Important Composites
9. Plastic Deformation and Fracture
9.1 Dislocation Theory
9.2 Mechanisms of Plastic Deformation
9.3 Effect of Defects on the Deformation Mechanism
9.4 Changes in Properties due to Deformation
9.5 Bauschinger Effect
9.6 Fracture and its Importance
9.7 Strengthening of Metals
10. Material Properties and Testing
10.1 Material Properties
10.2 Testing of Materials
10.3 Summary of Test Methods
Annexure I: Basics of Crystallography
Annexure II: University Question Papers
Annexure III: Objective Questions
Annexure IV: GATE Metallurgy Stream Questions
Annexure V: Answers to Part A Questions from University Question Papers

Contributors (Author(s), Editor(s), Translator(s), Illustrator(s) etc.)

V E Annamalai is Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering in SSN College of Engineering, Chennai. He has more than 25 years of teaching experience.

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