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Year of Publishing

Marshalling the Past: Ancient India and its Modern Histories

Nayanjot Lahiri

Year: 2018     Paperback
Pages: 462     Read more

Three Ways to be Alien: Travails and Encounters in the Early Modern World

Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Year: 2018     Paperback
Pages: 248     Read more

A National Flag for India

Arundhati Virmani

Year: 2018     Paperback
Pages: 380     Read more

Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar and his Elusive Milestones

Ashok Sen

Year: 2018     Paperback
Pages: 258     Read more

The Calling of History: Sir Jadunath Sarkar and His Empire of Truth

Dipesh Chakrabarty

Year: 2018     Paperback
Pages: 314     Read more

The Gender Of Caste: Representing Dalits in Print

Charu Gupta

Year: 2017     Paperback
Pages: 354     Read more

Nature And Nation: Essays on Environmental History

Mahesh Rangarajan

Year: 2017     Paperback
Pages: 360     Read more

Unconditional Equality: Gandhi’s Religion of Resistance

Ajay Skaria

Year: 2017     Paperback
Pages: 406     Read more

Dalit Studies

Ramnarayan S. Rawat and K. Satyanarayana

Year: 2017     Paperback
Pages: 316     Read more