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New  MathsAhead is a series of 10 books (Primer A, B and Books 1 – 8) for pre-primary to middle school level. The books are in line with the National Curriculum Framework and follow the guidelines laid down by the NCERT.
The Primers

Primers A and B focus on laying the ground for sound development of mathematical concepts. They are gently graded, starting from pre-number concepts that ensure an understanding of the language of Maths appropriate for the level. They then progress to an understanding of numbers, the interaction between numbers, and shapes and patterns.

Maths Lab Activities and Fun Activities ensure sound concept formation and an element of fun.

Features of Books 1 – 5

  • Open and colourful layout.
  • Emphasis on application orientation, with focus on applications of maths in our daily life, for example in measurements, money, area and volume.
  • Two worksheets (instead of 1) at the end of each chapter.

Mathletics A for concepts and calculation skills – to enhance understanding and the skill to calculate quickly. It includes concept and calculation-based exercises, and mental maths.

Mathletics B for higher skills – MCQs, higher order thinking, cross-curricular applications, life skills and values. It includes fun activities, projects and our heritage (such as yoga and Vedic maths).

  • The Common Mistakes feature present throughout the books helps students understand and overcome mistakes.
  • Solved examples of long division in Books 3-5 worked out on a grid (similar to Maths exercise books) for ease of understanding.
  • Each book  has 4 Assessment Papers (instead of 2) for regular assessment and 2 Periodic Tests for exam practice 
  • New topics and subtopics that improve concept development and development of 21st century skills include

Book 1: addition and subtraction by counting forwards/backwards.
Book 2: shapes that roll and slide, number patterns
Book 3: simple division of money, tiling of shapes
Book 4: method for estimating the quotient in long division, new chapter on money, reflection symmetry, tessellations, area of irregular shapes
Book 5:  reflection symmetry, turning shapes, different views of an object, maths in maps, line graphs

  • The new Students’ App in Books 3-8 gives more practice to students.

The positioning of New Success with MathsAhead as NCERT++ in gradation and rigour (as compared to NCERT+ for Maths Time) has been retained.

Approach in content
A large number of Maths Lab Activities (more than in any other series) form the backbone of the content and aid tremendously in concept and skill development.
The text follows a step-by-step approach, consolidating each concept with solved examples, semi-solved examples and unsolved exercises before moving on to the next concept.

Students Advantage CD
The CD has mathematical activities and games to consolidate concepts, enhance skills and develop higher order learning skills.
Features of  Books 6 – 8

  • The books follow the syllabus completely.
  • Open and colourful layout
  •  Solved examples of different kinds to aid concept development.
  • Exercise section divided into:
  • Mathletics —Concepts and Calculations which are concept-based exercises to consolidate understanding and improve calculation skills.
  • Mathletics—Apply and Analyse which are skill-based exercises that promote higher order thinking skills through real-life application problems, maths lab activities, enrichment exercises, projects, puzzles, life skills and values and model making which prepares the students to to use mathematics beyond the classroom and to help develop  21st century skills.
  • Each book has 2 Periodic test papers, one after each term.
  • Each book has 2 Papers one half-yearly and one yearly examination
  • Thumb rule boxes give simplified general principles, Milestone gives a glimpse of India’s rich heritage in mathematics, Remember boxes help students revise  important definitions and concepts quickly and  Shortcuts for calculations are given in select chapters
  • The new Student’s App in Books 3-8 gives more practice to students.

The positioning of New Success with MathsAhead as NCERT++ in gradation and rigour (as compared to NCERT+ for Maths Time) has been retained.

Approach in

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