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Getting Ahead in Social Studies is a series of Five books for the primary level. The series has been revised in accordance with the feedback received from teachers all over the country. The revised edition has new attractive layout and design, high resolution photographs, revamped content and boxes with interesting nuggets of information.

Getting Ahead in Social Science 6-8 is a series of books for teaching social science at the middle school level. They are based on the CBSE Syllabus, and have been revised in accordance with CBSE’s directives on continuous and comprehensive assessment (CCE).  These books are aimed at schools that empathise with the desires of the CBSE to put an end to rote learning, and ensure the all-round development of the child through the process of CCE.

Getting Ahead in Social Science 6, 7, 8, adheres strictly to the new syllabus prescribed by the NCERTThe NCERT’s stress on syllabus reduction, in order to reduce the burden on children, has resulted in books which are extremely light on content. Such books are often seen with suspicion by the more traditional teachers. They feel more comfortable teaching social science the way they themselves would have learnt it. In this new series, we have followed a well balanced approach—while all topics are covered in detail, we have also introduced activities and adopted a lighter and more interactive approach to the process of learning and teaching.

In order to meet market challenges, Getting Ahead in Social Science 6–8 is being brought out in two formats—one as a combined Social Science book for each class, and the other as three separate books (history, geography and civics each separately) for each class.

Key features:

  • Clearly demarcated formative and summative exercises, activities and projects, that include:
  • Commentaries on primary sources
  • Projects, presentations and making websites
  • Models and charts, pie charts and other forms of graphical representations
  • Activities based on pictures, reports, diary entries
  • Debates and discussions, map-based activities
  • Multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • Short and long answer questions, fill in the blanks, true or false
  • Stories that lend weight to the values taught
  • Life skills, like how to file an FIR and how to use the Right to Information Act

Books in this Series: Books 1 to 8


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