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The Sky Readers – Robin Readers -Level 4
Sue Murray
Price : ₹ 78.00  
ISBN : 9788125038122
Language : English
Pages : 68
Binding : Paperback
Book Size : 140 x 216 mm
Year : 2010
Series : Robin Readers
Territorial Rights : Restricted
Imprint : No Image
Catalogues : School Educational Books
About the Book

Lewin’s quiet life changes on the day he turns sixteen and finds out that he is a sky reader – he has the power to read the past, the present and the future. Lewin leaves home to learn the ways of old magic from his grandfather Laylan. When they start to see dark, troubling visions, the two sky readers realise they must make a journey to the city of Liana to help save their land from evil.

Special Features: Robin Readers is an exciting series of original fiction for learners of English. Designed to be read for enjoyment, the stories are accessible and engaging, with carefully graded language.

Each reader comes with comprehension and vocabulary activities to consolidate understanding. More difficult or uncommon words appear in a glossary.

There is a stimulating variety of settings and storylines across a range of genres, including travel adventures, fantasies, science fiction and thrillers.