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Inspired Maths for ICSE Schools-Class 8
Saroja Sundararajan
Price : ₹ 467.00  
ISBN : 9789386689559
Language : English
Pages : 328
Binding : Paperback
Book Size : 216 x 280 mm
Year : 2017
Series : Inspired Maths
Territorial Rights : World
Imprint : No Image
Catalogues : School Educational Books
About the Book

Inspired Maths is a series of 10 books, Primers to 8, which caters to the New CISCE curriculum and closely follows the syllabus both in intent and content. These bright, colourful and child-friendly books focus on developing mathematical skills and 21st century skills while providing students with an enjoyable learning experience. A rich array of Activities ensures a thorough conceptual understanding.

Books 6–8

  • The books follow the syllabus completely.
  • Open and colourful layout
  • Guided learning through solved examplesof different kindsto aid concept development.
  • Exercise section divided into:
  • Workout 1—Understand and Calculatewhichare concept-basedexercises to consolidate understanding and improve calculation skills.
  • Workout 2— Think and Apply which are skill-based exercises that promote higher order thinking skills through Real-life Application problems, Maths Lab Activities, Problem Solving, Enrichment Exercises, Projects, Puzzles, Life Skills and Values and Model Making which prepares the students to to use mathematics beyond the classroom and to help develop  21st century skills.
  • Each book has two Test Papers and one Final Assessment Paper for end of the year assessment. 
  • Thumb rule boxes give simplified general principles, Milestone gives a glimpse of India’s rich heritage in mathematics, Quick Recall boxes help students revise  important definitions and concepts quickly , Quick Check is a mental maths  section and  Shortcuts for calculations are given in select chapters
Contributors (Author(s), Editor(s), Translator(s), Illustrator(s) etc.)

  • K Alamelu (1 – 5) is Director, Bharti Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School, Chennai. 
  • Saroja Sundararajan (6 – 8) is the former director of Teacher’s Centre of Sprindales School, New Delhi. She is an extremely versatile person with great passion for teaching mathematics using innovative methods. She is an expert teacher trainer with a vast teaching experience in teaching mathematics at school level.