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Children with Communication Disorders
Prathibha Karanth
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ISBN : 9788125038665
Language : English
Pages : 208
Binding : Paperback
Book Size : 140 x 216 mm
Year : 2010
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Territorial Rights : World
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About the Book

'Children with Communication Disorders' provides a simple, lucid and scientific account of the types of communication disorderss that may be seen in children. Apart from serving as an introductory text for students of speech-language pathology, it is also addressed to an audience of parents, teachers and other concerned professionals such as paediatricians, ENT specialists, developmental nerologists, psychologists and special educators. The book is an introduction to the wide range of communication disorders that are seen in children so as to be able to recognise them, implement preventive and remedial steps where feasible, and seek appropriate professional help when needed. It well also serve as an aid to families and professionals to identify and support children with communication disorders across a range of settings including homes, schools and clinics.

This revised edition includes a Foreword by M. N. Hegde, Professor of Speech-Language Pathology at the California State University  in Fresno.

Table of Contents

Foreword by  M.N. Hedge

1. Introduction
Section I-Speech Disorders
2. Articulation Disorders
3. Voice Disorders
4. Fluency Disorders

Section II-Language  Disorders
5. Specific Language Impairment
6. Semantic Pragmatic Deficits or Pragmatic
    Language Impairments
7. Learning Disabilities

Section III-Other Communication Disorders
8. Hearing Impairment
9. Mental Retardation
10. Cerebral Palsy
11. Autism Spectrum Disorders
12. Other Neuropsychiatric Disorders

A. Futher Reading
B. Relevant Websites
C. Referral Sources


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Dr Prathibha Karanth has degrees in Psychology and Speech & Hearing, from the University of Mysore. She is a pioneer in the field of Speech-Language Pathology in India and is known for her work on the clinical, teaching and research aspects of language disorders at premier national institutions such as NIMHANS, Bangalore. CIIL and AIISH, Mysore. Dr Karanth has published extensively and is the recipient of several grants and awards including those from the ICSSR, ICMR, NAMS, NCERT, UNICEF, Commonwealth, Fulbright and Rockefeller Foundations. Currently she heads the Communication DEALL Trust which was set up by her in 2003, to serve the needs of children and adults with communication disorders. Dr Karanth is also associated with the academic and research programs of the S.R. Chandrasekar Institute of Speech & Hearing, Bangalore, the college of Speech & Hearing, MAHE, Manipal, ICCONS, Shorannur, Kerala and the School of Rehabilitation at the Teheran University of Medical Science, Iran.