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China After 1978: Craters on the Moon
Economic and Political Weekly
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ISBN : 9788125039532
Language : English
Pages : 326
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Year : 2010
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About the Book

The People’s Republic of China celebrated its 60th anniversary on 1 October 2009. December 2008 marked 30 years since the Chinese Communist Party’s decision to launch ‘market reforms’. The breathtakingly rapid economic growth witnessed after 1978 has attracted worldwide attention. But the condition of more than 350 million workers is abysmal, especially that of the migrants among them. The stagnation of peasant incomes had fuelled a huge, historically unprecedented migration into the cities—over the past 25 years, some 150-200 million persons, including women, migrated from the countryside to the urban areas in search of jobs.

Why do the migrants put up with so much hardship in the urban factories? Has post-reform China forsaken the earlier goal of ‘socialist equality’? What has been the contribution of rural industries to regional development, alleviation of poverty and spatial inequality, and in relieving the grim employment situation? How has the meltdown in the global economy in the second half of 2008 affected the domestic economy? What of the current leadership’s call for a ‘harmonious society’? Does it signal an important ‘course correction’?

Table of Contents

Nirmal Kumar Chandra
1.             Inequality and Its Enemies in Revolutionary and Reform China
                Ching Kwan Lee, Mark Selden
2.Property Rights and the Social Costs of Transition and Development in China
                Carl Riskin
3.Double Movement in China
                Shaoguang Wang
4.China’s Reforms: The Wuxi Story
                Manoranjan Mohanty
5.Rural Industrialisation Spatial Inequality in China, 1978-2006
                Chris Bramall
6.             Globalisation Meets Its Match: Lessons from China’s Economic Transformation
                Dic Lo, Yu Zhang
7.             Light and Shadow of an Inarticulate Age: Reflections on China’s Reform
                Pun Ngai
8.             China’s Rural Reform: Crisis and Ongoing Debate
                Dale Jiajun Wen
9.             A House Divided: China after 30 years of ‘Reforms’
                Robert Weil
10.          Socialism, Capitalism, and Class Struggle: The Political Economy of Modern China
                Minqli Li
11.The Twilight of ‘Chimerica’? China and the Collapse of the American Model
                Guilhem Fabre
12.          China and India: Convergence in Economic Growth and Social Tensions?

                Nirmal Kumar Chandra
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The volume puts together a collection of essays previously published in the Economic and Political Weekly between December 2008 and June 2009.