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Anne Laws
Price : ₹ 375.00  
ISBN : 9788125041573
Language : English
Pages : 148
Binding : Paperback
Book Size : 180 x 240 mm
Year : 2011
Series : The Business Skills
Territorial Rights : Restricted
Imprint : No Image
About the Book

Presentations, belonging to a set of four books on business skills, is designed to help non-native speakers prepare and make presentations in English. The book gives useful tips on what makes a good presentation and how to prepare for it, presentation language and evaluation checklists for the learner to use when preparing and after giving a presentation.

Table of Contents

Preparing the Presentation

Place, seating, equipment
Presenting yourself
Using your voice
Body language
Preparing visuals
Using visuals

Putting it into Words

Preparing the main message
Key words
Word families
Talking about trends
Presentation phrases
Beginning the presentation
Stating the purpose
Referring to handouts
The main content
Involving the audience
Changing to another topic
Referring to other parts of the talk
Talking about options
Advantages and disadvantages
Emphasising important points
Referring to visuals
Making recommendations
Summarising and concluding
Dealing with questions

Evaluating the Presentation

Before the presentation
Giving the presentation
After the presentation