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Anne Laws
Price : ₹ 375.00  
ISBN : 9788125041597
Language : English
Pages : 152
Binding : Paperback
Book Size : 180 x 240 mm
Year : 2011
Series : The Business Skills
Territorial Rights : Restricted
Imprint : No Image
About the Book

Meetings, belonging to a set of four books on business skills, is designed to help non-native speakers participate effectively in English at meetings. The book gives useful tips and the language needed when preparing for meetings, at meetings and during follow-up after meetings.

Table of Contents

Preparing the Meeting
1. Reasons for the meeting
2. Planning the meeting

At the Meeting

3. Introduction
4. Contributing effectively
5. Chairing the meeting
6. Participating in the meeting
7. Intercultural meetings
8. Formal meetings

After the Meeting

9. Following up the meeting
10. Reviewing and evaluating the meeting