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Unnyayankendrik Arthobidya :Unnyayan-er Pokhye ki-kaaj-kore
Debdas Banerjee
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ISBN : 9788125059332
Language : Bangla
Pages : 320
Binding : Paperback
Book Size : 140 x 216 mm
Year : 2015
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Territorial Rights : World
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About the Book

Many of the developmental initiatives and injections have worked well in some spaces, while it by and large failed elsewhere in the underdeveloped world. What kind of knowledge regarding the state market society interface that one ought to acquire to put those experiences in perspective broadly constitutes the domain of Development Economics [Unnyayankendrik Arthobidya].

The introductory chapter discusses in details, different approaches about constitutes development in underdevelopment, and the contemporary debate on the ‘Ends’ and ‘Means’ of development to set the rest of the chapters in motion.

The means of development has fractured development economics broadly between macro development economists- focusing on economic structures, growth, international trade, and fiscal policies – and micro development economist, who study market response and adjustment, individual initiatives, microfinance, education, health and other social programs. Moreover the structuralist macro economics and the new developmentalism are distinct fields. The book does classify the divergence in theories.

The broad themes covered are: duality, poverty, distribution of income and wealth, inclusive growth, trade and growth, industrialization, technology, urbanization and finance for development. Theoretical materials are presented through verbal argument, diagrams and occasionally elementary algebra.

The theories of development notwithstanding unevenness in development warrant scrutiny. Therefore, at the end of each chapter, the theory-idea-hypothesis critically interrogated, using analytical as well as illustrious statistical exercises, often with a special reference to India.

The annotated bibliography at the end of the book would give cue to advance study on the respective subject.

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Professor Debdas Banerjee is a familiar name in the field of Development Economics. He is pro-Vice Chancellor and Professor-Head, Centre for Development Studies, Central University, Bihar. Formerly, he was the Professor of Economics at Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata. He has published widely in India and abroad.