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Adhunik Rajnitik Darshan
Shubhra Parmar
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ISBN : 9789352876358
Language : Hindi
Pages : 240
Binding : Paperback
Book Size : 140 x 216 mm
Year : 2019
Series :
Territorial Rights : World
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Catalogues : Political ScienceHindi
About the Book

This is a textbook for the paper ‘Modern Political Philosophy', as per the latest CBCS syllabus operational across all universities in India.

This book covers the topic Modernity and Its Discourses: This section introduces students to the idea of modernity and the discourses around modernity.

The book discusses Romantics through the works of Jean Jacques Rousseau, his theory of General Will, local or direct democracy and self-government; the origin of inequality and Mary Wollstonecraft, her theory on women and paternalism; critique of Rousseau’s idea of education and legal rights.

The book elaborates on the Liberal Socialist through John Stuart Mill and his views onliberty, suffrage and subjection of women, right of minorities, utility principle.

In the book, the philosophy of the Radicals is discussed through Karl Marx and his theory of Alienation, difference with other kinds of materialism and class struggle; Alexandra Kollontai her theory of Winged and Wingless Eros; proletarian woman; socialisation of housework.

This is the only book in Hindi which provides the philosophy of women thinkers such as Alexandra Kollontai and Mary Wollstonecraft.

The main features of the book are:

  1. Bibliography; some of the entries have been annotated too.
  2. Index
  3. Definitional terminology to explain difficult concepts.
  4. Diagrams
  5. Appendices
Table of Contents


1. आधुनिकता और उसके विभिन्न संदर्भ
(Modernity and Its Discourses)

2. रूमानीवाद

3. रूसो: रूमानीवादी
(Romantics: Rousseau)

4. मैरी वुलस्टोनक्राफ़्ट: प्रथम नारीवादी
(Mary Wollstonecraft: First Feminist)

5 सामाजिक उदारवाद
(Liberal Socialist)

6. जॉन स्टुअर्ट मिल: उदार समाजवादी
(Liberal Socialist : John Stuart Mill)

7. रेडिकल्स

8. कार्ल मार्क्स: रेडिकल
(Karl Marx: Radical)

9. अलेक्सांद्रा कोलनताई: रेडिकल नारीवादी
(Alexandra Kollontai: Radical Feminist)

संदर्भ ग्रंथ सूची



Contributors (Author(s), Editor(s), Translator(s), Illustrator(s) etc.)

Dr Subhra Parmar is Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Bhagini Nivedita College, University of Delhi. She is the author of the book Naarivadi Siddhant aur Vyavhaar (Orient BlackSwan, 2015).