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The Experience Of Discrimination In France - Why me?

François dubet, olivier cousin, eric macé, sandrine rui

Year: 2019     Hardback
Pages: 331     Read more

Of Colonial Bungalows And Piano Lessons: Memoirs Of An Indian Woman

Monica Chanda, Edited by Malavika Kalrlekar

Year: 2019     Hardback
Pages: 159     Read more

From Popular Movements To Rebellion: The Naxalite Decade

Ranabir Samaddar

Year: 2019     Hardback
Pages: 592     Read more

What Is Economic Development - Comparative Performance Of Indian States

Amit S Ray, Manmohan Agarwal & M. Parameswaran

Year: 2019     Hardback
Pages: 168     Read more

Negotiating Marginality: Conflicts Over Tribal Development In India

Rajakishor Mahana

Year: 2019     Hardback
Pages: 366     Read more

Inside Indian Schools: The Enigma Of Equity And Quality

Vimala Ramachandran

Year: 2018     Hardback
Pages: 288     Read more

Society and Culture in India: A Reader

Subas Mohapatra

Year: 2017     Paperback
Pages: 468     Read more

Much Ado Over Coffee - Indian Coffee House Then and Now

Bhaswati Bhattacharya

Year: 2017     Hardback
Pages: 432     Read more

Revolutionary Passions: Latin America, Middle-East And India

Hamit Bozarslan, Gilles Bataillon, Christophe Jaffrelot

Year: 2017     Hardback
Pages: 209     Read more

Dalit Women – Honour and Patriarchy in South India

Clarinda Still

Year: 2017     Paperback
Pages: 267     Read more