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Gender, Power and Identity: Essays on Masculinities in Rural North India

Prem Chowdhry

Year: 2019     Hardback
Pages: 296     Read more

Hindu Pasts : Women, Religion, Histories

Vasudha Dalmia

Year: 2018     Paperback
Pages: 374     Read more

I am the Widow: An Intellectual Biography of Behramji Malabari

Harmony Siganporia

Year: 2018     Hardback
Pages: 304     Read more

Mayilamma: The Life of a Tribal Eco-Warrior

Jothibai Pariyadath, Translated from the original Malayalam by Swarnalatha Rangarajan and Sreejith Varma

Year: 2018     Hardback
Pages: 152     Read more

The Subaltern Speaks: Truth and Ethics in Mahasweta Devi’s Fiction on Tribals

Sanatan Bhowal

Year: 2018     Paperback
Pages: 208     Read more

Thinking Gender, Doing Gender: Feminist Scholarship and Practice Today

Uma Chakravarti

Year: 2018     Paperback
Pages: 364     Read more

Gendered Citizenship: Manifestations and Performance

Bishnupriya Dutt, Janelle Reinelt and Shrinkhla Sahai

Year: 2018     Hardback
Pages: 368     Read more

Women in Political Thought: The Quest for Gender Equality and Beyond

Sushila Ramaswamy

Year: 2017     Hardback
Pages: 408     Read more