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Satyajit Ray

Year: 2001     Paperback
Pages: 228     Read more

Towards Freedom

Sharmila Purkayastha, Shampa Roy, Saswati Sengupta (Eds.)

Year: 2007     Paperback
Pages: 224     Read more

Beyond the World of Apu – the films of Satyajit Ray

John W. Hood

Year: 2008     Paperback
Pages: 528     Read more

Cinema and Censorship: The Politics of Control in India

Someswar Bhowmik

Year: 2009     Paperback
Pages: 396     Read more

The Chomsky Effect: A Radical Works Beyond the Ivory Tower

Robert F. Barsky

Year: 2009     Paperback
Pages: 400     Read more

The Essential Mystery: Major Filmmakers of Indian Art Cinema

John W. Hood

Year: 2009     Paperback
Pages: 640     Read more

Women in Malayalam Cinema: Naturalising Gender Hierarchies

Meena T. Pillai (Ed.)

Year: 2010     Hardback
Pages: 252     Read more

Global Bollywood: Travels of Hindi Song and Dance

Sangita Gopal and Sujata Moorti

Year: 2010     Paperback
Pages: 332     Read more

Celluloid Deities: The Visual Culture of Cinema and Politics in South India

Preminda Jacob

Year: 2010     Paperback
Pages: 320     Read more

Mourning the Nation: Indian Cinema in the Wake of Partition

Bhaskar Sarkar

Year: 2010     Paperback
Pages: 384     Read more