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The Orient Blackswan Easy Readers introduce the child to the enchanting world of reading, which encourage him/her to read with little or no external help. These well-illustrated books are carefully graded into seven levels. The series begins at Level 1 and is meant for beginners in the age group of 5 years. The other levels are: Level 2: 6–8 years, Level 3: 7–9 years, Level 4: 9–11 years, Level 5: 10–12 years, Level 6: 11–14 years and Level 7: 15 years and above. This careful grading, based on age-appropriate vocabulary and structure enables the reader to progress through the successive levels. The current titles mainly include the classics and also have those that suit modern tastes and interests.

978-81-250-0996-2Huckleberry Finn225.0Add to cart
978-81-250-1990-9Pigeons and the Bird Catcher, The - OBER - Grade 1110.0Add to cart
978-81-250-1991-6Fisherman and the King, The - OBER - Grade 1110.0Add to cart
978-81-250-1992-3Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - OBER - Grade 3139.0Add to cart
978-81-250-1993-0Lion and the Mouse and Other Short Plays, The - OBER - Grade 2126.0Add to cart
978-81-250-1994-7Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The - OBER - Grade 3139.0Add to cart
978-81-250-1995-4The Call of the Wild - OBER - Grade 5153.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2028-8Tales from the Arabian Nights - OBER - Grade 2126.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2029-5Four Stories from Shakespeare - OBER - Grade 4146.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2030-1The Happy Man's Shirt and Other Short Plays - OBER - Grade 4146.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2031-8Tale of Two Cities, A - OBER - Grade 5153.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2032-5David Copperfield - OBER - Grade 6155.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2073-8Camel and the Jackal and Other Short Plays, The - OBER - Grade 3139.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2092-9Treasure Island - OBER - Grade 4146.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2176-6Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow - OBER - Grade 2126.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2208-4The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - OBER - Grade 4146.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2248-0The Snow Queen - OBER - Grade 2126.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2269-5Mango Tree, The - OBER - Grade 1110.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2276-3Four Stories from Mahabharata - OBER - Grade 5153.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2299-2Great Expectations - OBER - Grade 7164.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2303-6Tales of Ancient India - OBER - Grade 3139.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2364-7Heidi - OBER - Grade 3139.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2457-6Pride and Prejudice - OBER - Grade 6155.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2481-1Little Master of the Elephant, The - OBER - Grade 3139.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2485-9Baby Blue Whale’s Birthday Party - Grade 1110.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2520-7Four Stories from Tagore - OBER - Grade 5153.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2554-2Rikki Tikki Tavi - OBER - Grade 3139.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2556-6More Tales from the Arabian Nights126.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2574-0Tiger Fry and Other Tales - OBER - Grade 1110.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2577-1Black Beauty - Grade 3139.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2598-6An Elephant's Story - Grade 4146.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2659-4Jane Eyre - OBER - Grade 7164.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2708-9The Jungle Book - OBER - Grade 2126.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2822-2The Ugly Duckling - OBER - Grade 1110.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2864-2Bheema and the Demons - Grade 2126.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2898-7Three Musketeers, The - OBER - Grade 5153.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2947-2The Count of Monte Cristo - OBER - Grade 4146.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3016-4Once Upon a Monsoon Time - Grade 4146.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3041-6The Hound of the Baskervilles - OBER - Grade 6155.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3044-7The Two Friends - Grade 2126.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3062-1The Best of O'Henry - OBER - Grade 7164.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3068-3The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - OBER - Grade 6155.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3110-9Robinson Crusoe - OBER - Grade 4146.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3165-9The Canterville Ghost - OBER - Grade 6155.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3235-9Little Women - OBER - Grade 6155.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3291-5Comedy of Errors - OBER - Grade 7164.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3292-2Gulliver's Travels - OBER - Grade 6155.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3293-9Stories from Greek Mythology - OBER - Grade 5153.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3294-6The Naughty Tee-shirt and Other Stories - Grade 2110.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3295-3Journey to the Centre of the Earth - OBER - Grade 6155.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3296-0Moby Dick - OBER - Grade 7164.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3297-7Favourite Stories - Old and New - OBER - Grade 6155.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3599-2The Scarlet Pimpernel - OBER - Grade 7164.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3709-5The Wit and Wisdom of Tenali Raman and Birbal - OBER - Grade 3139.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3710-1The Invisible Man - OBER - Grade 7164.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3714-9Kidnapped - OBER - Grade 6155.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3751-4The Tale of Two Oxen and Other Stories - OBER - Grade 7164.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3756-9Stories from the Bible153.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3793-4Robin Hood and his Merry Men - OBER - Grade 5153.0Add to cart
978-81-250-4761-2Old Car and Other Stories139.0Add to cart
978-81-250-4938-8The Wind in the Willows146.0Add to cart
978-81-250-4939-5Legends Of Indian History-Grade 4146.0Add to cart
978-81-250-4948-7The Merchant of Venice - OBER - Grade 7 164.0Add to cart
978-81-250-4950-0The Happy Prince and Other Stories153.0Add to cart
978-81-250-5986-8Tinku at Duliatal146.0Add to cart
978-81-250-5987-5Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the sea155.0Add to cart
978-81-250-5988-2The tragedy of macbeth164.0Add to cart