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New Buzzword: English for Schools (K-8) is a dynamic language course for the 21st century classroom. Based on the National Curriculum Framework and the NCERT guidelines, this course blends strong content with the skills of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. It lays a solid foundation in English, while it motivates learners to read and to express themselves in new and rich ways.

New Buzzword
 consists of the following:

For the Student 

• Primers and Activity Books 1 and 2 
• Textbooks 1–8 
• Workbooks 1–8 
• Supplementary Readers 1–8
• Students’ Apps 3–8 

For the Teacher 

• Teachers’ Resource Packs Primers to 8 
• Smart Books Primers to 8
• Web Support

Special Value Adds


  • clearly listed Lesson Objectives and Learning Outcomes
  • a specially created section that addresses multiple intelligences and varied learning styles to develop curiosity and creativity
  • an in-built self-assessment tool to chart progress
  • collaborative learning strategies and activities for effective learning
  • fun, activity-based grammar games and tasks

Supplementary Readers
  • Selection of Texts: a rich mix of Classic and Modern; Indian and World Literature
  • Cultural Appreciation: develops sensitivity to, and appreciation of, language and cultures

  • combines language learning with enjoyable activities and provides further practice for grammar, vocabulary and writing
  • Reading Sub-skills: provides useful speed-reading strategies to improve efficiency—skimming and scanning (Workbooks 6–8)

Other Features
  • Smart Books for Teachers Primers to 8: mapped to the Textbooks and Supplementary Readers—blended learning solutions, audio-visual resources, worksheets, presentations and question-paper generator, interactive exercises, extra resources, teachers’ resource folder
  • Students’ App 3­–8: interactive practice of exam skills, summaries (for texts and poems), audio (for all texts and poems)
  • Animations: for stories and all poems (1­–8)
  • Grammar: graded, usage-oriented grammar syllabus; concise explanation with ample scope for practice
  • Vocabulary: focus on building a rich and productive vocabulary; attention to phrases, expressions and new words
  • Writing: variety of formats for creative and functional writing; planned and graded help for writing
  • Listening and Speaking sections in the Textbooks emphasise effective communication; complete audio support provided
  • Pronunciation/Spelling/Punctuation/Dictionary Work: graded practice; focus on challenging areas
  • Teacher Support: Compliant with the latest CBSE guidelines. A comprehensive Teacher’s Resource Pack for each class with answer key, author notes, lesson and poem summaries, listening texts, lesson plans, question bank, worksheets, audio tracks and presentation