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The CoNCERT Science (6–8) series of books is designed for use alongside the NCERT textbooks. The series helps ensure understanding of the concepts presented in the textbooks and extends learning to make it more effective and long term.

The key features of the books are as follows:

  • Essential Questions put down the concepts covered in the lesson
  • Concept Map shows how topics in the lesson are linked together
  • Definitions and Keywords list words that are important for understanding concepts
  • Lesson Summary lists main points covered in the lesson, which can be used for quick revision
  • Exercises reinforce and guide learning with the help of solved and unsolved questions, projects and additional activities
  • People in Science presents information on scientists
  • Values and Life Skills bring out the importance of values and life skills in daily life
  • A Slice of History shows how ideas and techniques have evolved with time
  • Assessment papers provide scope for additional practice

The books also include:
Information boxes: Grey-shaded boxes give answers to questions asked in the text of the NCERT lessons and other interesting science information.
Answer booklet: An answer booklet available on CD provides suggested answers to exercises in the NCERT textbook as well as answers to questions in the Step In and Step Up sections of the books.