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Computer Vision is a graded series of eight textbooks meant for classes 1-8.

The concepts have been explained in simple language with careful regard to the learning level of the students. The content covers updated application software.

The scope of Computer Vision 1-5 includes Microsoft Office components and the MSW Logo programming Language. The Scope of Computer Vision 6-8 includes Microsoft Office, Front Page, Adobe Flash, Photoshop, HTML, algorithms, flowcharts, QBasic and Java programming.

  • A number of activities for practice and colourful illustrations make learning easy and exciting.
  • Special features of the series:
  • This lesson lists the main points of the topic covered in the lesson.
  • Exercises have a large number of questions to reinforce and test concepts.
  • I now know reviews the important points covered in the lesson.
  • Keyboard shortcut give key combinations to help perform operations quickly.
  • Hands-on activities encouraging learning by doing.
  • Tidbits provide interesting facts about computers.
  • Read and remember has helpful tips on computer manners and taking care of computers.
  • Internet sites link to informative, colourful and fun websites that give additional information about the topics learnt.
  • Things to do has topic-based projects for the students to put into practice what they have learnt.
  • Just for fun gives stimulating additional activities.