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Discover History, a series of three books for classes 6, 7 & 8 covers the revised ICSE sylabus for history and civics in a comprehensive, clear and child-friendly format.

Discover History brings with it a new perspective on historical events. History is treated not just as a succession of dates, kings and events, but as an inter-related set of causes and effects. This enables children to understand history, rather than just memorise it. Ample coverage has also been given to civics. Examples relating to a child's day to day life have been given so that civics is no longer a dry study of rights, duties and governance. It becomes something a child can relate to, learn from and then put to use in his or her daily life. This series strives to teach history from an unbaised point of view.

The key features of this series include:

  • Mind Openers Questions are asked at the beginning of chapters to encourage lively discussions in class.
  • Abundant and rich illustrations A picture is said to convey a thousand words. The books are richly illustrated to make the learning of history and civics a joyful experience for the child.
  • Colourful and accurate maps Maps provide a spatial perspective to the historical events being studied. Several maps have been included in these books.
  • Discover More These are boxes that provide extra bits of information for curious young minds. Children are encouraged to discover more from the internet and the library.
  • In Brief A summary encapsulates the main points of each chapter to make revision easier.
  • Graded Exercises The exercises cover each chapter in detail, and move gradually from the short objective-type ones to the longer essay-type ones.