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Environmental Studies > New Green Tree

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New Green Tree is a series of six books on Environmental Studies for pre-primary and primary classes. It follows the integrated and thematic approach recommended by the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005. New Green Tree attempts to locate each theme in social and physical contexts familiar to students, in order to enhance their understanding.

New Features

Besides the updated text and the new, colourful layout and child-friendly pictures and illustrations, the New Green Tree series has several new features.

  • Warm Up introduces the lesson by engaging and encouraging students to think, do, and have lively discussions

  • Get Active includes activities and questions within the chapter to increase student participation and understanding

  • On-page glossary provides the meaning of difficult words on the page for easy comprehension

  • MCQs reinforce the student’s understanding of the lesson

  • Higher Order Thinking Skills encourage students to apply the concepts learnt in the chapter

  • Activity Time includes tasks and fun activities related to the topic

  • Life Skills and Values help develop essential skills and inculcate good values

  • Our Heritage exposes students to India’s past and inspires respect for our rich heritage