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Maths Ahead is a series of twelve books for teaching mathematics from the pre-primary to the secondary level. It is meant for schools which take pride in developing both, clear concepts as well as razor sharp calculation skills in children.

Maths Ahead Primer A-5 takes into account the new syllabus guidelines provided by the NCERT and also incorporates opinions of teachers from all over India. The result is a comprehensive series that can be use effectively by all schools irrespective of the Board they are affiliated to.
  • MathsAhead Primer A-5 is now in full colour. Visual appeal has been further enhanced by using a larger format with a more attractive layout.
  • Encouraged by the tremendous response to Math Lab Activities introduced in the 3rd edition of MathsAhead, these have now been introduced in Primers A and B as well. 
  • Included in the CD edition of MathsAhead are CDs with additional mathematical activities and games to develop Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in children, the latest buzzword in education. Those using the non-CD edition of MathsAhead can also benefit from the CDs, as these are separately available in the market.

Maths Ahead with CCE 6-8 is completely CCE complaint.

Several features related to CCE have been included in this edition.

  • Maths Lab activities: concept development, independent thinking, simulated activities
  • Enrichment Exercises: thinking and problem solving
  • Story Time: research, investigative and group projects
  • Presentations: including the use of IT
  • Model making: including origami
  • Mathematical Games and Puzzles
  • Data Handling and Analysis
  • Making Websites: linked to the book is a specially facility offered to students - the option of making websites as a part of their CCE projects

Maths Ahead CBSE Classes 9 and 10: Revised in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus. Model Test Papers based on the CBSE pattern provided at the end. Also provided: Question Papers, including questions from past examinations and Exercises section.

Books in this series: Primers A & B, Books 1 to 10