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Nature Quest series for middle school seeks to open up the world around us for the student to explore. It also endeavours to help the student understand the various environmental issues that we face today.

A holistic perspective presents the viewpoint of not only humans but also other organisms. Unbiased coverage is given, keeping in mind that more than one opinion is possible on many environment-related topics.

  • The exercises are intended to make the student think before answering.
  • Simple but effective activities can help each student make a difference to the environment in practical terms.
  • Boxes provide extra information, literature extracts and questions that make the student think more deeply about issues. These can also be used by the teacher to initiate class discussions.
  • A simple style and language graded according to class make the books easy to follow.
  • the colourful layout and ample illustrations aim to draw the interest of the student.

Books in this series: Books 1 to 10