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Dialogue, Listening and Speaking for Schools has been designed to help learners to listen and speak English fluently. It has been mapped to an international framework of standards.

Course Package

• Books 1 to 10
• Students’ CD and App (1 to 10) with audio and a host of brand-new resources to support independent learning and practice
• Teachers’ Handbooks 1 to 10 

Key Features

• contemporary and age-relevant THEMES 
• LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS graded for different levels 
• clearly identified LEARNING OUTCOMES at the beginning of each unit 
• graded and varied LISTENING TEXTS 
• learning-focused LISTENING AND SPEAKING TASKS in real-life contexts 
• LANGUAGE HELP to enable fluency and build a store of theme-based words 
• guided self-assessment in MY PERFORMANCE TRACKERS 
• HELPFUL TIPS on common errors in pronunciation, vocabulary and syntax 
• exciting new features in the CD and the App—LISTEN AND READ ALOUD; LISTEN, READ AND RECITE; LISTEN AND TELL; LISTEN AND LEARN—mapped to the lessons for independent practice and learning 
• OTHER FEATURES in the CD and the App: voice exercises for improving tonal quality and clarity of speech; drills and chants to improve enunciation and diction; repair strategies for more confidence in speaking; links and reference material for more information