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Little Readers is a series of carefully graded readers.It is a collection of thirty stories in five packs of six books each. These stories are meant for children who have just begun to learn to read. Some children will be ready for the books before others and classroom practice should be as flexible as possible.

The readers are meant to foster an interest in reading from a very young age and encourage children toread independently and deduce meaning from the contexts, rather than to have adults read aloud or explain the stories to them.

These picture - based stories contain a small number of words and sometimes follow a pattern that is easily memorised. This will help children internalise words and structures as they learn to read. A world list is provided for each book. Most of these words should be familiar to children before they are given a book to read.

The children should progress from set to set but within each set the order is unimportant. They should be encouraged to talk about the books, to each other,parents and teachers, to express opinions and ask questions.

Children learn to read through a long series of tiny steps. Even if they only manage to read a few words and guess a few more they will have a sense of accomplishment and their confidence will be boosted. They need to receive recognition and appreciation for their success.