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New Perspectives in South Asian History

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Since 2001 the New Perspectives in South Asian History series has published more than 30 monographs and other writings on early modern, modern and contemporary history. The volumes in the series cover new ground: They provide fresh perspectives on familiar fields, and they open up new areas for historical research. The series covers social and cultural history, and is particularly strong in emerging fields such as environmental history, medical history, history of transport and communication as well as in the history of science and technology. We are also publishing a range of studies that take fresh, regional perspectives on the history of South Asia. We encourage the publication of interdisciplinary and original work from all parts of South Asia and welcome contributions from sociology, anthropology, cultural studies and other areas, which enriches our understanding of historical processes.  For more details see: and

978-81-250-2302-9Western Medicine and Public Health in Colonial Bombay, 1845–18951195.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2377-7Inventing Global Ecology: Tracking the Biodiversity Ideal in India, 1945–19971225.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2652-5Nature in the Global South: Environmental Projects in South and South-East Asia785.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2866-6Fractured States: Smallpox, Public Health and Vaccination Policy in British India1175.0Add to cart
978-81-250-2982-3Decentring Empire: Britain, India and the Transcolonial World1325.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3237-3Colonial City and the Challenge of Modernity, The: Urban Hegemonies and Civic Contestations in Bombay City (1900–1925)1150.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3346-2Woman and Empire: Representations in the Writings of British India (1858–1900)595.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3366-0Matters of Exchange: Commerce, Medicine and Science in the Age of Empire950.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3508-4History of the Social Determinants of Health: Global Histories, Contemporary Debates1395.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3527-5Pathways of Empire: Circulation, ‘Public Works’ and Social Space in Colonial Orissa, c. 1780–19141275.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3528-2Power, Knowledge, Medicine: Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals at Home and in the World1350.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3600-5Against Stigma: Studies in Caste, Race and Justice since Durban1250.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3701-9Low and Licentious Europeans: Race, Class and ‘White Subalternity’ in Colonial India1075.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3702-6From Western Medicine to Global Medicine: The Hospital Beyond the West1295.0Add to cart
978-81-250-3981-5The Global Eradication of Smallpox1200.0Add to cart
978-81-250-4200-6The Making of a Small State: Populist Social Mobilisation and the Hindi Press in the Uttarakhand Movement1250.0Add to cart
978-81-250-4203-7The Politics of Sanitation in India: Cities, Services and the State1005.0Add to cart
978-81-250-4656-1Polio Eradication and Its Discontents: A Historian’s Journey Through an International Public Health (Un)Civil War675.0Add to cart
978-81-250-4660-8Urbanising Cholera: The Social Determinants of Its Re-emergence1625.0Add to cart
978-81-250-5345-3Tranquebar—Whose History? Transnational Cultural Heritage in a Former Danish Trading Colony in South India1395.0Add to cart
978-81-250-5429-0Decolonisation, Development and Disease: A Social History of Malaria in Sri Lanka1125.0Add to cart
978-81-250-5582-2Rethinking Western India : The Changing Contexts of Culture, Society and Religion1150.0Add to cart
978-81-250-5926-4India’s First Democratic Revolution: Dayanand Bandodkar and the Rise of the Bahujan in Goa995.0Add to cart
978-81-250-6230-1Nursing and Empire: Gendered Labor and Migration from India to the United States995.0Add to cart
978-81-250-6282-0Languished Hopes: Tuberculosis, the State and International Assistance in Twentieth-century India1150.0Add to cart
978-93-5287-612-9Revolution in Reform: Trade-Unionism in Lahore, c. 1920–70795.0Add to cart