SUNSET AT SRIRANGAPATAM: After The Death of Tipu Sultan
Mohammad Moienuddin
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This book deals mainly with the historical role of one of the most valorous and fascinating rulers of the eighteenth century, Tipu Sultan.

Tipu Sultan has been portrayed by historians, especially by the colonial  but also by some post-Independence Indian historians, as a religious bigot, a fanatic, a king who oppressed non-Muslims and forcibly converted them to Islam.  But a sensitive reading of Tipu reveals the nuances of his character and shows that he was a just king who made the welfare of his people the primary motive of his governance.

The author followed the trail of the valuable historical relics looted by the British troops after the siege of Srirangapatam in 1799.  Mohammad Moienuddin reveals the great historical significance and value of each relic and indicates that all of them, in totality, define very clearly the personality of Tipu Sultan, his tolerant religious perceptions and practices.

Mohammad Moienuddin is Chairman of the Tipu Sultan Research Institute and Museum, Bangalore. He was Chairman of the Tipu Sultan Wakf Estate between 1983 and 1986. This book is the result of extensive research, conducted over a period of ten years by the author, during which he collected data from various archives, libraries and museums in India and abroad.

vi    List of Plates (with Copyright Acknowledgement)

viii      Foreword

x      Acknowledgements

xi      Introduction

xiv      List of Abbreviations

1      The Ruler: Son of The Soil

24      The Great Loot

41      The Relics

45      The Throne

54      Flags, Banners, Standards and Seal

62      Personal Arms of Offence

92      Personal Arms of Defence

103      Tipu’s Tiger

107      Diamond, Gold Jewellery and Silver Articles

113      Miscellany

128      Epilogue

129      Addendum

134      Appendices

143      Glossary

148     References

151      Index

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