Madhyakaleen Bharat: Prashasan, Samaj Evam Sanskriti (Hindi)
Neeraj Srivastava
140 x 216 mm
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This is the second edition of Madhyakaleen Bharat: Prashasan, Samaj evam Sanskriti [first edition published by Wisdom Prakashan, Allahabad in 2009], a textbook for UG and PG students of various Indian universities across northern region. This book is a narrative of medieval Indian history [8th to 13th century] from a new perspective which is a demand of UPSC and allied Civil services students.

‘Divided into 59 chapters Madhyakaleen Bharat by Neeraj Srivastavais paradoxically a slender text which takes the reader through the administrative, social and cultural developments in India’s history between later Gupta period and the climactic decades of the Delhi Sultanate.

‘The major strength of this book lies in the lucid presentation of factual information in a narrative style, which even most lay readers shall find accessible and comprehensible. Author has tried to steer clear of contentious issues, not by eluding them but by referring to the general range of interpretations available on the subject by well known scholars.

‘Unlike many other textbooks on the same period, this book has a pan-Indian focus as there is inclusion of eight relevant chapters on the history of south India. Besides, as added attraction is the smooth amalgamation of six chapters on the historiography of medieval India.

‘In times when authors are writing for other authors (not readers), when writing styles are becoming extremely complex and impenetrable, this book clearly emerges as a reader-oriented book. Dr. Srivastava’s long experience in providing guidance to students is clearly reflected in the style he has chosen to write.’

Satish Chandra’s Madhyakaleen Bharat is facts of history and a NCERT labeled textbook reissued by us. Neeraj Srivastav’s and Satish Chandra’s book   both are for the same market, but students/IAS aspirants don’t mind buying more than one book on this topic. Dr Srivastava’s book is a good addition to our Hindi title list, i.e. to have one more book on Madhyakaleen Bharat  by a young author.

Dr Neeraj Srivastava D.Litt. in History, taught in Ishwar Saran Degree college, Allahabad for over 10 years before he took voluntary retirement to open his IAS coaching institute named Itihas Bodh Centre in Allahabad, a well known coaching centre in UP.

1. Parvarti Gupt, Guptottarkaleen Arthik,Samajik Stithi  Post gupta and post later gupta period
2.Guptottar nari ki stithi aur Dharmik adhikar Religious rights and condition of women in later Gupta period
3.Gupt Guptottar shiksha paddhati education system of Gupt and later Gupt period
4.Gupta, Guptotarkaleen vigyan Science in Gupta and later Gupta period  
5.Vadik dharmik avm darshnik Sahitya Religious and philosophical literature of Vedik period
6.Sanatan dharm : vaishnav and  shaaiv sect Sanatan dharm : vaishnav avam shaiv sampradaya
7.Gupta Guptotar: Sanskrit sahitya Sanskrit literature of Gupta and later Gupta period
8.Bharatiya dharm darshan Indian religion and  philosophy
9.Tamil bhakti andolan: alwaram Nayanar Tamil bhakti Movement: alvaravm Nayanar
10.Arabon ki Sindh Vijay aur uska prabhav Arab’s victory  of Sindh and its effects
11.Muhammad Ghouri ke Bharatiya Abhiyan Muhammad Ghouri’s expeditions in India
12.Delhi sultanate ki sthaapna: Iltutmish ka yogdan] Iltutmish’s contribution in the Establishment of Delhi Sultanate
13. Rukanuddin firozshah se Nasiruddin Mahmud tak Rukanuddin firozshah to Nasiruddin Mahmud
14. Balban: prashashnik karya avm rajatv sidhant Balban: Administration
15. Alauddin Khilji : Khilji Kranti: Aluddin ki  Prashashnik avm bazaar sambandhi neetiyan
16. Muhamad bin Tuglaq: Dharmik  rajnitik vichar avm mahtvakankshi yojnayain  
Muhamad bin Tuglaq’s ambitious plans
17. Firoz tuglaq:rajnitik-prashsahnik neetiyan avm lokhit karya Firoz tuglaq’s polices and work
18. Lodi vansh:  Swaroop avm rajneetik utkarsh Lodi Dynasty : structure and political achievement
19. Delhi Sultanate ki dakshin neeti Southern policies of Delhi Sultanate
20. Sultanate ka rajsav sidhant avm prashsahan The Sultanate’s  administration and tax polices
21. Sultanatekaleen sthaptya: shaly  avm visheshtayain Delhi Sultanate : architecture
22. Mughal vaastukala: shally  avm visheshtayen Mughal architecture : style and features
23. Madhyakaleen itihaslekhan Medieval historiography
24. Kalhan ki Rajatrangini avm itihas granth ke roop mein iski prasangkita  Kalhan’s Rajatarangini as a historical text
25. Alberuni ka itihas lekhan Alberuni’s historiography
26. Jiyajuddin Barani: Siddhant avm dristikon Jiyajuddin Barani: Principles and his attitude
27. Ibn Batuta ka yatra vrittant Ibn Batuta’s travelogue 
28. Amir Khusro ka itihas lekhan  Amir Khusro’s historiography
29. Abul fazal ka itihas lekhan avm darshan Abul fazal’s historiography 
30. Sultanutkalin: Bhu rajasv sankalan, prashasan, gulam pratha ka auchitya,takniki vikas, nagriya/vyaparik sthiti Sultanate’s  tax and administration
31. Bharat mein Sufivad ka Vikas  Development of Sufism in India
32. Bhakti andolan ka swaroop avm vikas Bhakti  movement
33. Sultanutkalin shiksha tatha Sahitya Education and literature during the Delhi Sultanate
34. Shershah: Rajnitik utkarsh, Prashsan avm Bhu rajsav vyavstha 
Shershah: Political achievements, admn and tax system
35. Kashmiri Shasak: Janual Abadin  Janual Abadin: Kashmiri Ruler
36. Mughal Rajtav: kendriya avm prantiya shashan
Mughal Rule: Central and State Administration
37. Mughal mansabdar vyavstha Mughal mansabdar system
38. Sulha kul ka sidhant Theory of Sulha kul 
39. Mughal rajput neeti Mughal’s policy towards Rajput
40. Mughalon ki Dakshin Niti  Southern policy of the Mughals
41. Mughal Chitrakala: shelly avm visheshtayen Style evam features of Mughal Art and Painting
42. Mughalkalin Sangeet  The Art of music during Mughal Period
43. Jay singh ke khaagol sambandhi anusandhan Jay Singh’s astronomical researches
44. Bharatiya vyaapar tantra par purtgaliyon ka kabza  Pourtugal’s Control over Indian Trade
45. Dutch company: Bharatiya vyapar par prabhav Dutch company: Its impact on Indian Trade
46. Bengal mein British Shakti ka uday v vistar Emergence and extension of British Power in Bengal
47. Maratha: Rajneetik Andolan ki Samajik Pristhabhumi Maratha The background of the Maratha’s Political Movement
48. Shivaji ka Samrajya Vistar va Maratha Prashasan Shivaji : Extension of Empire and Maratha admn
49. Peshwaon ka Kaal: [Peshwaon Period: The Rise of Maratha Power]
50. Mughal Maratha treaty [Mughal Maratha sandhi]
51. Sangamkaleen Prashasan, samaj, sanskriti avm arthvyavastha Sangam period
52. Chola: Kendriya avm Sthaniya Prashasan] Chola  administration
53. Vijaynagar: Rajnitk Utkarsh Vijaynagar: political emergence
54. Vijaynagar  Prashasan Vijaynagar administration
55. Vijaynagar: samaj, sanskriti avm arthvyavastha Vijaynagar; society, culture and economy
56. Pallav sthapatya shaily: vishestayen avm nirman bhinnata  Pallava architecture  
57. Pandya: sthapatya shelly avm vishestayen  Pandya  architecture 
58. Chola:  shelly avm  vishestayen Chola architecture
59. Kalyani ke parvarti Chalukya avm Hoysala: Kala shelly avm Vishestayen Chalukyas and Hysala: Art and culture

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