Re-imagining India and Other Essays
U R Ananthamurthy
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Re-imagining India and Other Essays brings together a collection of writings that originated from annual lectures, organised at the Institute of Social Sciences, by leading economists, political and legal thinkers, sociologists, linguists and historians. Addressing a diverse array of themes, the essays are bound by a common thread—concern for humanity.

This volume explores a wide range of issues as varied as—need for basic education, poverty, human development index, self-employment over wage employment, the apartheid regime in South Africa, the role of democracy in counter-striking terrorism, the function of multiculturalism in preserving solidarity of a nation, the rise of Hindutva and its ideological implications, and the relevance of Gandhian and Nehruvian ideals in shaping of modern India.

Commemorating well-known economist Professor D. T. Lakdawala’s contributions in the contemporary context, the scholars emphasise on the need to replace profit maximisation by profit-making and social returns. As the global economy struggles with an unprecedented recession—which has led to millions becoming unemployed and small investors and pensioners losing their life-long savings—the contributors underline the importance of revisiting the social-political-ideological structure, which largely shapes our policy making.

This volume brings together the Lakdawala Lectures delivered by Mohammad Yunus, Mahbub ul Haq, Amartya Sen, Albie Sachs, Anthony Giddens, Romila Thapar, I. G. Patel, Noam Chomsky, Bhikhu Parekh and Joseph Stiglitz, with a Foreword by Ashis Nandy.

Th e Pasts of All Possible Futures
A Foreword by Ashis Nandy

A Note from the Chairman, Institute of Social Sciences
U. R. Ananthamurthy


1. Beyond Liberalisation: Social Opportunity and Human Capability
Amartya Sen

2. Human Development Paradigm for South Asia
Mahbub ul Haq

3. Towards Creating a Poverty-Free World
Muhammad Yunus

4. Post-Apartheid South Africa: Truth, Reconciliation and Justice
Albie Sachs

5. Peering into the Abyss of the Future
Noam Chomsky

6. Re-imagining India
Bhikhu Parekh

7. The Future of the Indian Past
Romila Thapar

8. The Idea of India as an Ideal: Can Our Dreams Come True?
I. G. Patel

9. The Nation-State in the Global Age
Anthony Giddens

10. Crises Today and the Future of Capitalism
Joseph Stiglitz

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