The Social History of England
Padmaja Ashok
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The Social History of England is a concise survey of the important historical and political milestones of English history, from pre-history to the present. As a study that examines their impact upon the society and the literature of England, it is both crucial and indispensable for a complete understanding and appreciation of English literature. The book encapsulates more than two thousand five hundred years of history. It includes chapters on the origin and growth of political parties in England and also the impact of major internal and international events on contemporary life in England. The simple and straightforward approach of The Social History of England is supplemented with genealogical charts, maps and a glossary, which are very useful to the student.

Padmaja Ashok has been teaching literature at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels for nearly twenty-five years. She has co-edited an anthology of prose, poetry and grammar, and has researched in the area of Canadian literature.
  1. The Early History of England
  2. Tudor England (1485 to 1603) 
  3. The Renaissance
  4. The Reformation and the Counter Reformation 
  5. The Stuart Age (1603 to 1649, 1660 to 1714) 
  6. Puritanism 
  7. Colonial Expansion 
  8. Restoration England (1660 to 1688): Social Life
  9. The Age of Queen Anne (1702 to 1714) 
  10. Hanoverian England 
  11. The Industrial Revolution
  12. The Agrarian Revolution
  13. The Rise of Methodism 
  14. Humanitarian Movements
  15. The American War of Independence (1775 to 1783)
  16. The Effects of the French Revolution on British Life
  17. England at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century(1800 to 1837)
  18. The Victorian Age (1837 to 1901)
  19. The Reform Bills
  20. The Development of Transport and Communication
  21. The Development of Education in the Nineteenth Century
  22. The Dawn of the Twentieth Century
  23. Life Between the Two World Wars (1919 to 1939)
  24. The Effects of World War II
  25. Social Security and the Welfare State
  26. The Effects of the Cold War
  27. Life in the Sixties
  28. Life in the Seventies
  29. Life in the Eighties
  30. Trade Unionism
  31. The Origin and Growth of Political Parties in England
  32. Contemporary Life in England
Appendix I: The Rulers of England 
Appendix II: The Prime Ministers of England 
Appendix III: Glossary 
List of Maps
  1. The United Kingdom and its Neighbours
  2. Voyages of the Renaissance Explorers
  3. Colonies of the British Empire
  4. Literary Map of Great Britain and Ireland
List of Genealogical Charts
  1. The Norman Kings and the Plantagenet Family 
  2. Edward III’s Claim to the French Throne 
  3. The Houses of Lancaster and York
  4. The Tudors
  5. The House of Stuart
  6. The Claim of the House of Hanover to the British Throne
  7. The Houses of Hanover and Windsor
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