Sufivaad: Kuchh Mahatvpurna Lekh
N R Farooqi
140 x 216 mm
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Sufivaad: Kuchh Mahatvpurna Lekh  provides a detail account of Sufism, its rise, fulfillment and decline of the Chisti brotherhood of Sufis in medieval India.

Its contents include: Some aspects of classic Sufism; the early Sufis of India; the emergence and efflorescence of the Chisti Sufis: An outline of their thought and an account of popular appeal of their shrines; the resurgence of the Chistis: a survey of the expansion and fulfillment of a Sufi order in Mughal India; Doyen of the Sufis of the Madhya Pradesh: Muhammad Shattari Gwaliori;  A note on Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi and his religious and political thought; Saiyid Ahmad of Rae Bareli: an account of his life and thought and an appraisal of his impact on the Sufi centers of Awadh and eastern India

Glossary related to Sufism given at the end of the book.
Detailed Bibliography is given at the end of each chapter.

There is no one book available in Hindi on the topic of Sufism. The essays of the book are authors own research.

This book is a good addition to our list of books on history since the author is a well known scholar in the academic world.

Professor N R Farooqi is MA History from University of Allahabad; Doctorate from Wisconsin University; started as lecturer in University of Allahabad; Also served as Professor of History at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. He was Professor and Chairman of the History department in University of Allahabad. He is currently Dean, Research and Development, at University of Allahabad. He held several International fellowships including Junior Fullbright fellowships. His main area of research are diplomatic history of Mughal India and Indian Sufism on which he has published numerous articles in national and international journals.

  1. Classical Sufivaad ke kuchh Roop  [Some aspects of classical Sufism]
  2. Bharat ke Prarambhik Sufi [The early Sufi’s of India]
  3. Chistiyon ka Udabhav evm Vikas  [The emergence and efflorescence of Chistis]
  4. Chistiyon ka Punaruthan [The resurgence of the Chistis]
  5. Madhya Pradesh ke varishtha Sufi: Muhammad Ghaus Shattari Gwaliori
    [Doyens of Sufis of Madya Pradesh:Muhammad Ghaus Shattari Gwaliori]
  6. Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi aur Unki dharmik evm Rajnitik Vichardhara
    [Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi and his religious and political thought]
  7. Rae Bareli keSaiyid Ahmad [Saiyid Ahmad of Rae Bareli]
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