Rajasthan Ki Bhashayen (Volume 26 Part 1) - Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan
Ganesh N. Devy (Chief editor), Madan Meena and Suraj Rao(Vol. Ed.)
180 x 240 mm
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The Peoples’ Linguistic Survey of India [PLSI] is a right based movement for carrying out a nation-wide survey of Indian languages especially languages of fragile communities such as nomadic, coastal, island, hill and forest communities.
This book is Part-1 of the Volume-26 (Rajasthan-Hindi) of The People's Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI) undertaken and executed by Bhasha Research and Publication Center, Baroda. 

This book contains the information on language and linguistic variety of the Rajasthan State of India. The languages included in this book are: Khadi Marwari, Godwadi, Ghanchi, Jagrouti, Daang, Dingle, Dhaati, Dhundhadi, Talhaiti, Thali, Deswali, Ghawadi, Naagarchaali, Pachwara, Bagadi, Bajigari, Bikaneri, Braj, Sansi (Bhatu), Maad, Maarwadi, Mirasi, Merwadi, Mewadi, Mewati, Vagadi, Shekhawati, Sarayaki, Sindhi and Hadouti.

Dr Ganesh N. Devy, formerly Professor of English at theMaharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, a renowned literary critic and activist, is founder and director of the Tribal Academy at Tejgadh Gujarat; and director of the Sahitya Akademi’s Project on Literature in Tribal Languages and Oral Traditions. He is an active participant in the functioning of Bhasha Academy. He has been awarded the Padma Shri in 2013 for his work in the field of linguistic research of the endangered languages in India. Currently, he is a Professor at the Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology ( DA-IICT ), Gandhinagar, Gujrat; and Chair and Chief Editor of the series People’s Linguistic Survey of India [PLSI].

Dr Madan Meena is a visual artist and researcher. He has worked extensively with artists and crafts persons from local communities in Rajasthan. His doctoral dissertation from University of Rajasthan was on ‘Art of the Meena Tribes’. He has travelled extensively and has had held exhibitions of his paintings in many parts of the country. He has published two books on the subject, Joy of Creativity and Nurturing Walls. His interest in the languages has lead him to start his work on the language of the Kanjar community residing in Rajasthan. He currently works and lives in Kota in Rajasthan.

Dr Suraj Rao, has Doctorate in Rajasthani, Hindi and History. He is based in Udaipur. He has published several articles and books on Rajasthani language and literature. He has been given the Sahitya Akademi award [2013] for his Rajasthani translation [from Urdu language] of Gyan Singh Shatir published bySahitya Akademi.

Mukhya Sampaadkiya     Ganesh N. Devy 
Bhumika     D.P.Patnayak
Sampaadakiya 1) Suraj Rao;  2) Prabhat; 3) Satpal Singh Khati
Manchitron ki suchi  

  1.  Khadi Marwadi    Sunita Prajapat
  2. Godwadi boli    Suraj Rao       
  3. Ghanchi Bhasha   Shrawan Kumar Meghwal     
  4. Jagrouti Bhasha   Prabhat  
  5. Dang Bhasha   Prabhat  
  6. Dingal Bhasha  Suraj Rao   
  7. Dhati Boli  Santosh Kumar Gadhveer
  8. Dhundhadhi  Satpal Singh Khati 
  9. Talhaiti  Prabhat
  10. Thali Boli Ashok Kumar Gadi   
  11. Deswali  Bharat Ola   
  12. Dhawadi Boli Shrikrishna Jugnu 
  13. Nagarchali  Ram Kalyan Meena 
  14. Pachwara Bhasha  Prabhat
  15. Bagadi Boli Bharat Ola    
  16. Bajigari Boli  Satpal Singh Khati    
  17. Bikaneri Boli Gouri Shankar Prajapat   
  18. Braj Bhasha  Phool Singh Narvariya, Asha Narvariya  
  19. Sansi(Bhatu) Boli  Manoj Kumar Swami  
  20. Maadh Bhasha Prabhat 
  21. Marwadi Bhasha  Satpal Singh Khati  
  22. Mirasi Bhasha  Srawan Kumar Meghwal
  23. Merwadi Bhasha  Prabhat    
  24. Mewadi Bhasha  Lakshman Singh Rao  
  25. Mewati Bhasha  Ranjita, Dilip Chugh    
  26. Vagadi Bhasha Rajendra Kumar Meghwal    
  27. Shekhawati Boli  Satpal Singh Khati   
  28. Saraayki Boli  Manoj Kumar Swami 
  29. Sindhi Bhasha  Kishni Fulwani 
  30. Hadoti Bhasha  C.L.Sankhala, Chandalal Chakwala   


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