Samajshastra Parichay (Hindi)
Ram Ganesh Yadav
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1] Samajshatra Parichay is a prescribed undergraduate textbook for the ‘Introduction to Sociolgy paper[Samajshastra Paricahy paper]’ of Lucknow University. This is aimed at the first paper of sociology BA 1st year of this University.

2] The chapters have been contributed by the faculty members of Sociology and Anthropology of various affiliated colleges of Lucknow University.

3] The book discusses various aspects of sociology. It discusses the relationship between sociology and other social sciences and its practical significance. This book in reference discusses basic concepts of sociology, under the following broad head:
Social action and social relationship; status and roles; social group; community and association; social structure; social system; social institution and social organization. Apart from this the book covers- norms, sanction and values, cooperation, competition and conflict, multiculturalism and cultural relativism.
This book also analyzes the social stratification, social mobility and social movement.

In brief, the book provides a complete insight into the sociological concepts.

4]The book will be useful for the undergraduate courses in Sociology of other Indian universities of Hindi speaking states in the country; and also for the aspirants of UPSC and allied civil services.

5]Package: Samajshastriya Parichay can be package with:

Bhartiya Samaj 2. Bharat mein Samajik Parivartan aur Vikas 3. Samajshastriya Chinatan ke Aadhar 4. Bhartiya Samajshastra ke Agreeni Chintak 5. Samajik Anusandhan Paddhatiyan 6. Grameen-Nagriya samajshastra 7. Samjshastriya Vichar 8. Rajnitik Samajshastra
Dr Ram Ganesh Yadav is Professor and Head of the Department of Sociology, Lucknow University. He has experience of teaching this subject more than 25 years.

The contributors to this volume are teaching faculties of Sociology in various colleges affiliated to Lucknow University.
  1. Samajshastra aur samanyabodh  [Sociology and common sense]
  2. Samajshastra vigyan ke roop mein [Sociology as a science]
  3.  Samajshastra v anya samajik vigyan [Sociology and other social science]
  4. Samajshastriya kalpana [Sociological imagination]
  5. Samajshastra manaviki upagam ke roop mein [Sociology as a humanistic discipline]
  6. Samajshastra ka vyavharik mahatva  [Practical significance of sociology]
  7. Samajik kriya evm samajik sambandh  [Social action and social relationship]
  8. Prasthiti evm bhumika [Status and role]
  9. Samajik samooh [Social group]
  10.  Samuday, samiti aur sanstha [Community, association and institution]
  11. Samaj, ek samaj aur samaj [Society, a society and society]
  12. Samajik sanrachan [Social structure]
  13. Samajik sangathan [Social organization]
  14. Samajik vyavastha [Social system]
  15. Parivaar [Family]
  16. Shiksha [Education]
  17. Rajya [State]
  18. Dharam [Religion]
  19. Partbandh evm duand vidhan mulay [Sanction  and values]
  20.  Samajik pratimaan [Social standards]
  21. Samajik prakriyayain [Social processes]
  22.  Samajik niyantran [Social control]
  23. Samajikaran [Socialization]
  24. Sanskrti, sabhayat aur vayaktitva [Culture, civilization and personality]
  25. Bahulata, bahusanskrit evm sanskritik sapekshvaad [Pluralism, multiculturalism and cultural relativism]
  26. Samajik starikaran  [Social stratification]
  27. Samajik gatishilatla [social mobility]
  28. Samajik parivartan : arth, prakar aur karak [Social change: meaning, types and factors]
  29. Samajik andolan [Social movement]
Sandarbh granth soochi  [Bibliography]
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