Fields of Play: Sport, Literature and Culture
Poonam Trivedi,Supriya Chaudhuri
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The book is a collection of essays discussing the various aspects of sports in India. Apart from discussing the present status of the different sports and sporting formats, the essays also discuss the institutions attached to sports. At the same time, the essays also discuss the factors that make up the sport: the body cultures involved in various sports and corporeality in computer games. The book shows the strong sporting culture present in the Indian society through discussing the intimate relation between sports, literature and cinema, as depicted in books and movies like Harry Potter series and Iqbal respectively. This book will leave a mark on all, especially people interested in sports.

Poonam Trivedi was Associate Professor in English at Indraprastha College, University of Delhi. Her main areas of interest are in Shakespeare Studies, Shakespeare in India, performance and film versions, women in Shakespeare, Indian theatre and its performative practice, and the culture of sport.

Supriya Chaudhuri is Professor (Emerita) in the Department of English at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Her areas of scholarly interest are Renaissance studies, nineteenth and twentieth century cultural history, modernism, critical theory, translation, and the philosophy and culture of sport.

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Poonam Trivedi

Part I: Sporting Cultures

1. Delhi Commons: A Public Art Project on the Commonwealth Games

Iram Ghufran

2. The Indian Premier League and the Future of Indian Cricket

Boria Majumdar

3. Sporting Legacies in India: Mohun Bagan’s 1911 Football Victory versus Olympic Hockey Medals

Novy Kapadia

Part II: Sport and Literature

4. Other Histories: Modernity, Literature and Football in India

Supriya Chaudhuri

5. Sport, Surveillance and Speed in The Hunger Games Trilogy

Sanam Khanna

6. Quidditch Incorporated: Sport, Fantasy and the Consumer Child

Paromita Patranobish

7. In the Long Run: The Modernist Experience as Long Distance Running

Sohini Banerjee

8. The New Girl and the British School Story

Aishwarya Subramanian

Part III: Sporting Bodies

9. The Expressive Body: Notes on Individualism and Solitude in Sport

Maitri Baruah

10. Refugee City: Football and Other Divides of the Self in Post-Partition Kolkata

Debjani Sengupta

11. The Matter that Matters—Re-thinking Corporeality in a Computer Game

Aratrika Das

Part IV: Sport and Cinema

12. Shoonya (The Zero Zone, 2007)

Arindam Mitra

Playing Fair, Playing for Money: A Note 221on the Film Shoonya

Poonam Trivedi

13. The Underdog Bowling to the Cultural Field in Kukunoor’s Iqbal

Anas Tabraiz

14. The Gender Games: A Study of Chak De! India and Meerabai Not Out

Mithuraaj Dhusiya


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