Building a Just World : Essays in Honour of Muchkund Dubey
Manoranjan Mohanty,Vinod C. Khanna,Biswajit Dhar (eds.)
140 x 216 mm
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Muchkund Dubey is one of Indias best-known diplomats and public intellectuals. For many decades he played a key role in the making of India’s foreign policy and in shaping the United Nations programmes for developing countries. This volume celebrates Muchkund Dubey’s life-long endeavour to build a just world through purposive action in the form of policy and scholarship.

In discussing the key components of building a just world, in this volume, contributors from across the world address global, national, regional as well as grass-roots concerns. They make strong pleas for changes in the global trading and financial systems, propose alternative economic models for developing countries, and reflect on the impact of the emergence of China and India in global politics.

The chapters also discuss ways to promote disarmament in general and nuclear disarmament in particular, voice their concerns on the impasse over climate change negotiations and the recurrent hunt for natural resources in developing countries by forces of global hegemony, besides examining key issues concerning social development.

The interviews with Muchkund Dubey provide readers an insight into his life and career. The Foreword by Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the former UN Secretary General, is a fitting tribute significant to this book.

This book will be useful for national and global policy makers as well as students and scholars of international relations, strategic studies and political science.

Manoranjan Mohanty, Distinguished Professor, Council for Social Development, Honorary Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi and former Professor, University of Delhi.

Vinod C. Khanna, Emeritus Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies  and former Ambassador.

Biswajit Dhar, Professor of Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University and former Director-General, Research and Information System for Developing Countries, both in New Delhi.

Foreword by Boutrous Boutrous-Ghali
For a New Agenda for Peace and Democratisation of World Order
Boutros Boutros-Ghali
List of Tables and Figures
List of Abbreviations
A New Discourse for a Just World
An Introduction
Manoranjan Mohanty, Vinod C. Khanna and Biswajit Dhar

Part 1: Just World Order
1. Building a More Just World Order
An Introduction
Chandra Hardy
2. International Relations, Normative Theory and Practice
Anuradha M. Chenoy
3. The South in the World Arena
A Third World Organisation, the Missing Link
Branislav Gosovic
4. Origins and Evolving Ideas of the Trade and Development Report
Rubens Ricupero
5. Globalisation, Labour Standards and Economic Development
An Introduction
Ajit Singh and Ann Zammit
6. Hunt for Natural Resources
The Long View
Amit Bhaduri
7. Rethinking Macroeconomic Policies for Development
Deepak Nayyar
8. The Multilateral Trading System at Risk
Biswajit Dhar
9. The Political Economy of the Asian Century
Rehman Sobhan
10. India, China and the Emerging Process of Building a Just World
Manoranjan Mohanty
11. A Realistic Foreign Policy for an Emerging India
Some Thoughts with Special Reference to Sino-Indian Relations
Vinod C. Khanna

Part 2: Peace, Security and Climate Change
12. Turning Guns into Butter
Moving from Armament to Development
Douglas Roche
13. Why Nuclear Disarmament is Important to India
Shyam Saran
14. Engaging with Kashmir
Kamal Mitra Chenoy
15. Climate Talks in Crisis
A Test for Multilateralism
Praful Bidwai

Part 3: Social Sector
16. The State of Children in Africa and What must be Done
Dharam Ghai
17. Thirty Years of the World Bank Policy on Involuntary Resettlement
The Gulf between Promise and Performance
Hari Mohan Mathur
18. Private Sector Participation in Public Health System
Flawed Assumptions, Disastrous Outcomes
K. B. Saxena
19. Regional and Social Disparities in Education in India
T. Haque
20. Poverty in India
Agricultural Security the Answer
Pushpa M. Bhargava

Part 4: The Movement for a Just World Goes On
With Muchkund Dubey: Interview 1
With Muchkund Dubey: Interview 2

Notes on Contributors

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