Naarivaadi Siddhaant aur Vyavahaar
Shubhra Parmar
140 x 216 mm
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This book is aimed for the Political Science third year honours course for the paper ‘feminism: Theory and Practice’ Generic Elective II core interdisciplinary paper’ of Delhi University. It is an optional paper for the students of all subjects except who opt Political Science honours.

This book covers history of feminism in the west, socialist societies and in anti-colonial struggles. It also talks about the gendered analysis of Indian society, economy and polity with a view to understanding the structures of gender inequalities. The book discusses the contemporary debates on feminism and the history of feminist struggles in India; the construction of gender and an understanding of complexity of patriarchy. It analyses the theoretical debates within feminism. The book also deals with the contemporary Indian women’s movements.

This book covers contemporary issues like sex worker and sex trafficking, honor killing and domestic violence.The book has a separate chapter on women achievers from various walks of life.This book is appended with case studies, chronology of important events of feminist movements in India and the world; feminism related vocabulary; and an index. 

Dr Subhra Parmar is Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Bhagini Nivedita College, and University of Delhi.

1.Naarivadi Baudhik Sutra Sex aur Gender (Feminist theorising of the sex/gender distinction)

2.Pitrasatta aur Naarivad (Patriarchy and Feminism)

3.Naarivadi Siddhant: Udarvadi, Marxvadi, Kattarpanthi aur Uttar-Adhunikatavadti (Liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Radical and post modern feminism)

4.Paschim mein Naarivad ki Utaptti: France, Britain aur America (Origins of Feminism in the West: France, Britain and United States of America)

5.Samajvadi Deshon mein Naarivad: China, Cuba, Bhutpoorv Soviet Sangh aur Africa (Feminism in the Socialist Countries: China, Cuba and erstwhile USSR)

6.Bharat mein Mahila Andolan ka Itihas (History of Feminist movements in India)

7.Paramprik Ithaslekhan aur Naarivadi Alochanayein (Traditional Historiography and Feminist critiques)

8.Samkaleen Bharat mein Matrivanshiya ur Ptrivanshiya Prathayein (Family in contemporary India - patrilineal and matrilineal practices)

9.Parivar mein Gender Sambandh (Gender Relations in the Family)

10.Mahila aur Karya (Woman’s Work and Labour)

11.Mahilaon ke Viruddh Hinsa (Violence against Women)

12.Mahila Sashaktikaran (Women empowerment)

Parishisht index

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