Azad Hind: Netaji Collected Works, volume 11
Sisir K. Bose and Sugata Bose
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On the night of 16–17 January 1941, Subhas Chandra Bose secretly left his Elgin Road home in Calcutta and was driven by his nephew, Sisir, in a car up to Gomoh railway junction in Bihar. Two years later, in February 1943, Bose set out on a perilous submarine journey from Europe to Asia.

Between these two journeys lies perhaps the most difficult, daring and controversial phase in the life of India’s foremost anti-colonial revolutionary. His writings and broadcasts of this period cover a broad range of topics: the Second World War, India in the context of war, plans for a final armed assault against British rule in India, criticism of Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union, the role of Japan in East and Southeast Asia, the reasons for rejecting the Cripps offer of 1942, and support for Mahatma Gandhi and the Quit India movement.

This volume is indispensible for all interested in modern South Asian history and politics, as well as nationalism and international relations in the twentieth century.

Sisir Kumar Bose (1920–2000) founded the Netaji Research Bureau in 1957 and was its guiding spirit until his death in 2000. A participant in the Indian freedom struggle, he was imprisoned by the British in the Lahore Fort, Red Fort and Lyallpur Jail. In the post-independence period he played a key role in preserving the best traditions of the anti-colonial movement and making possible the writing of its history.

Sugata Bose is the Gardiner Professor of History at Harvard University. He is the author of several books on the economic, social and political history of modern South Asia.

Dr Sisir Kumar Bose and Netaji’s Work



Writings and Speeches

1. A Post-dated Letter
To Hari Vishnu Kamath, 18 January 1941

2. Forward Bloc: Its Justification
The Kabul Thesis, 22 March 1941

3. Plan of Indian Revolution
Report of an Interview

4. Secret Memorandum to the German Government
Berlin, 9 April 1941

5. Supplementary Memorandum to the German Government
Berlin, 3 May 1941

6. Secret Message to Comrades in India
May 1941

7. Draft of the Free India Declaration
‘Mazzotta’, May 1941

8. A Gloomy Scenario
Letter to Dr Woermann of the German Foreign Office, 5 July 1941

9. The Russo-German War and India Struggle
Report of a Conversation with the German Foreign Office, 17 July 1941

10. The Approach of an Enemy
Letter to German Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop, 15 August 1941

11. Address Me as O. Mazzotta
Letter to Naomi Vetter, Autumn 1941

12. The Fall of Singapore
First Broadcast, 19 February 1941

13. Seize This Opportunity
Broadcast, 11 March 1942

14. Burmese Freedom
Broadcast, 13 March 1942

15. India has no Enemy Outside Her Own Frontiers
Broadcast, 19 March 1942

16. My Death is Perhaps an Instance of Wishful Thinking
Broadcast, 25 March 1942

17. An Open Letter to Sir Stafford Cripps
Broadcast, 31 March 1942

18. India for the Indians
Broadcast, 6 April 1942

19. Compromise-Hunting is Like War-Mongering
Broadcast, 13 April 1942

20. My Allegiance
Broadcast, 1 May 1942

21. I Should be in the East
Letter to German Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop, 22 May 1942

22. Face to Face with the German Fuhrer
Record of the Conference between Hitler and Bose, 29 May 1942

23. Statement to the World Press
June 1942

24. The Pledge of the INA
Address to the Indian Legion in Europe and Broadcast, June 1942

25. Link Up Indian Nationalists All Over the World
Messenger to the Bangkok Conference, 15 June 1942

26. Differentiate between Internal and External Policy
Broadcast, 17 June 1942

27. Full Support to Gandhi
Early August 1942

28. The Quit India Movement
Broadcast, 17 August 1942

29. Join India’s Epic Struggle
Broadcast, 31 August 1942

30. Free India and Her Problems
August 1942

31. India and Germany
Speech, 11 September 1942

32. The USA, Britain and India
Broadcast, 15 October 1942

33. Somewhere Near India
Letter to German Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop, 5 December 1942

34. The Situation in Europe
Broadcast, 7 December 1942

35. The Duty of Patriotic Indians
Broadcast, 1 January 1943

36. Independence Day
Speech, 26 January 1943

37. The Bluff and Bluster Corporation of British Imperialism
Speech, Late January/Early February 1943

38. The 24th Anniversary of the Bloodbath of Amritsar
Speech, End January/Early February 1943

39. On the Path of Danger
Letter to Sarat Chandra Bose, 8 February 1943

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