Teaching the Young: The Early Childhood Development Profession in India
Kinnari Pandya, Jigisha Shastri, Vrinda Datta
140 x 216 mm
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Care and education of young children is crucial for a nation's development and the early years teacher is the most important person in a child's life after her parents. While early education has been in the hands of informally qualified educators in India for the past several decades, the National Education Policy 2020 has emphasized the need for qualified and skilled teachers to transact a quality early childhood programme.

Teaching the Young: The Early Childhood Development Profession in India brings together insights from academics, practitioners and organizations working on the professional development of early years teachers. This book is a must-read for developing a comprehensive understanding of the early childhood profession in India.

Kinnari Pandya is Associate Professor at Azim Premji University, where she works on early childhood education and teacher education.

Jigisha Shastri is visiting faculty with Azim Premji University and has contributed to ECCE research, curriculum and resource development.

Vrinda Datta is President of the Association of Early Childhood Education and Development, India

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Section 1
History and Policy of Early Years Teacher Preparation

1. Promising Policy Developments and Challenges for Teacher/Caregiver Education in ECCE / Venita Kaul

2. Higher Education in the Development of Early Childhood Professionals / Prerana Mohite

3. The Role of NGOs in Developing ECCE Professionals in India: Experiences of Mobile Crèches / Mridula Bajaj

4. Continued Relevance of Nai Talim’s Pre-basic Teacher Education Curriculum / Varadarajan Narayanan and Rajashree Srinivasan

Section 2
Curriculum and Programmes for Pre-service Teacher Preparation

5. Curriculum and Pedagogy for Early Childhood Professional Development / Kinnari Pandya

6. An Early Educator’s Professional Development: Insights from Bhutan / Karma Gayleg

7. Cultural Tools for Children’s Literacy and Learning / Asha Singh

8. Role of Vocational Education in the Development of Early Childhood Professionals / Neela Dabir

9. Distance Education for Professional Development: IGNOU’s Diploma Programme / Rekha Sharma Sen, Pankaj Khare and Pranjali Dev

10. The 5Ws and 1H of Teachers’ Professional Development / Maya Menon

11. Implementing Inclusive Education in Early Childhood Settings: Preparing Teachers for the Role / Ankur Madan

12. Inclusive Classrooms: Challenges of Deaf Learners and their Teachers / Kanika M. Agarwal

Section 3
In-service Professional Development of Early Childhood Teachers

13. Role of DIETs in Training Preschool Teachers / Padma Yadav

14. Strengthening ECE in Anganwadis Through Ankur / Nilesh Nimkar

15. Professional Development Strategies: Akshara Foundation’s Experience / Vaijayanti K. and Gayatri Kiran

16. A Multimodal Approach to In-Service Capacity Development of Anganwadi Teachers / Yogesh G. R., Kinnari Pandya and M. Sreenivasa Rao

17. A Community Approach to Early Childhood Care and Education / Mary Punnoose and Shikha Kumari

18. Ensuring Quality through Teacher Appraisals and In-Service Education / Gauravi Jadhav, Valentine Borges and Elizabeth Mehta

19. In-service Programme for Teacher Educators for Early Years Education / Jigisha Shastri and Kinnari Pandya

Section 4
Resources for Early Childhood Educators

20. ECD Toolkits for Quality Early Years Education / Gauravi Jadhav and Jumana Rampurawala

21. Anganwadi Teacher’s Handbook: Azim Premji Foundation

22. Pre-Basic Education: A Syllabus for Teacher Training

Recommendations for Way Forward

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