The Essential Writings of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose
Sisir K. Bose and Sugata Bose
140 x 216 mm
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The popular perception of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is that of a warrior-hero and revolutionary leader who led a life of suffering and sacrifice and who during the Second World War waged a great armed struggle for the freedom of India. What is often forgotten is that the warrior paused between battles to reflect on and write about the fundamental political, economic and social issues facing India and the world during his lifetime. Despite being immersed in the tumult of the anti-colonial struggle, Bose in his writings delved back into India’s long and complex history and looked forward to the socio-economic reconstruction of India once political independence was won. The ideas he put forward were the products of a philosophical mind  applied to careful analyses of specific historical situations and informed by direct and continuous revolutionary experiences in different parts of the world, of a kind unknown to any other leader of contemporary India.

Distilled out of a twelve-volume set of Netaji’s Collected Works, this new edition of his Essential Writings is designed to provide a single-volume introduction to the thought of this revolutionary leader of India’s freedom struggle on the 75th anniversary of India’s independence and Netaji’s 125th birth anniversary.

This volume is indispensable for all those interested in modern South Asian history and politics as well as nationalism and international relations in the twentieth century.

Sisir Kumar Bose (1920–2000) founded the Netaji Research Bureau in 1957 and was its guiding spirit until his death in 2000. A participant in the Indian freedom struggle, he was imprisoned by the British in the Lahore Fort, Red Fort and Lyallpur Jail. A renowned paediatrician in the post-independence period, he played a key role in preserving the best traditions of the anti-colonial movement and making possible the writing of its history.

Sugata Bose is the Gardiner Professor of History at Harvard University. His books include A Hundred Horizons: The Indian Ocean in the Age of Global Empire and His Majesty’s Opponent: Subhas Chandra Bose and India’s Struggle against Empire.

Preface to the 2022 Edition of The Essential Writings

Editors’ Introduction to the 1997 Edition of The Essential Writings

1. Mother India
2. At Cambridge
3. Prison Life in Burma
4. Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das
5. Bengal’s Spiritual Quest
6. Democracy in India
7. Complete Independence
8. The Individual, the Nation and the Ideal
9. Punjab and Bengal, Students and Politics
10. Socialism in India
11. Trade Union and the Problems of Unemployment
12. The Anti-Imperialist Struggle and Samyavada
13. The Role of Mahatma Gandhi in Indian History
14. India and Germany
15. Impressions of Ireland
16. First Love
17. Europe—Today and Tomorrow
18. Japan’s Role in the Far East
19. My Faith (Philosophical)
20. The Haripura Address
21. Sadhana
22. The Tripuri Address
23. Riding Two Horses
24. The Ramgarh Address
25. My Political Testament
26. Forward Bloc—Its Justification
27. Free India and Her Problems
28. Azad Hind
29. Father of Our Nation
30. The Fundamental Problems of India
31. The Roads to Delhi are Many
32. India Shall be Free


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