Punjabi Centuries: Tracing Histories of Punjab
Anshu Malhotra
140 x 216 mm
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The historical and territorial space of Punjab has been politically and spatially unstable and changing, What Punjab means to different people also varies over time and context. Equally, what one holds dear about Punjab, the sense of ‘Punjabiyat/Punjabiness’, is both emotionally and culturally complex.

Punjabi Centuries highlights some critically important issues. Including India, Pakistan and the diaspora, the volume focuses on the crucial nineteenth and twentieth centuries, leading up to the present. The chapters explore the cultural, social and economic continuities and changes across this time.

Authored by scholars from India, UK, USA and Canada, the chapters study diverse issues:

  • economic transformations;
  • the politics of the Punjabi language;
  • gender imaginations in Punjab and the construction of gender identities;
  • diasporic journeys;
  • cultural changes in music, literature and religion;
  • religious and caste identities; and
  • changes from the colonial period to the last three decades of the twentieth century, to our contemporary times.

Anshu Malhotra is Professor and Chair, Department of Global Studies, and Kundan Kaur Kapany Chair for Sikh & Punjab Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara.

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  1. Punjabi Centuries: Tracing Histories of Punjab(s)
    Anshu Malhotra
  2. A Feast for the Heart and Mind: Print Culture, Polemics and Religious Debate in Punjab in the 1870s
    Purnima Dhavan
  3. Soundscapes of the Self: Music and Identity Assertion among Diasporic Punjabi Sikh Women in California, 1950s–2000s
    Nicole Ranganath
  4. Women and Print Cultures in Colonial Punjab
    Arti Minocha
  5. Progressive Politics, Gender and the Punjabi Literary through the Work of Dalip Kaur Tiwana
    Anne Murphy
  6. The Civil Servant and Super Cop: Modesty, Security and the State in Punjab
    Inderpal Grewal
  7. Pt V. D. Paluskar and the Punjab: Assessing a Complex Relationship
    Radha Kapuria
  8. Territorialising Shrines in the Sacred Landscapes of Punjab
    Yogesh Snehi
  9. Commemorating Baghel Singh’s ‘Conquest’ of Delhi: The Fateh Diwas
    Kanika Singh
  10. Caste in an Urban Business Space: A Study of the Khatri Community of Amritsar
    Gurpreet Bal
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1. Book Excerpt | Published in the Print, 05 June 2024.
2. Book Review | Published in The Tribune, New Delhi, 2 June 2024.
3. Book Announcement | Published in the Asian Review of Books, 11 April 2024.
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