Trends in Language Teaching
Rama Kant Agnihotri, Anju Sahgal Gupta, A. L. Khanna
140 x 216 mm
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This book is a collection essays on language teaching-learning. The book offers substantial ideas regarding the methods of language teaching in inclusive education. The book also discusses the methods used for teaching learning procedures to children who have learning disorders and disabilities. These essays are held together by the idea of treating multilingualism as an asset and not a hindrance in language acquisition.

Rama Kant Agnihotri is currently working with Vidya Bhawan Society, Udaipur; he is interested in Applied Linguistics, Morphology, Sociolinguistics and Research Methods and has been working with several NGOs across India in the area of primary education.

Anju S. Gupta is a professor of English in IGNOU and her interests are ELT, Applied Linguistics as well as Sociolinguistics. She has written many books on Grammar and speaking-listening skills.

Amrit Lal Khanna, formerly an Associate Professor in University of Delhi, is interested in Applied Linguistics and ELT. After teaching in the field of ELT for several years, he is an ELT consultant at present.

1. Introduction
2. Translation and Multilingual Education
Kathleen Heugh
3. Innovations in Research and Teaching in Multilingual Classrooms
Mukul Saxena
4. Teaching Hindi as a Less Commonly Taught Language in North America
Rajesh Kumar
5. Linguistic and Cultural Diversity and Language Teaching—with a Specific Focus on the Teaching of Reading and Writing to Young Learners
Keerti Jayaram
6. Teaching Language and Achieving Literacy: Interfering with Learning, or Guiding it?
R. Amritavalli
7. ‘Speaking of Food: Apple…ice-cream…posto…pesta…roti…’
Rimli Bhattacharya
8. General Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Language in the Classroom
Pramod Pandey and Aruna Kornana
9. Reformulation as a Technique for Teaching Writing
Yasmeen Lukmani and B. Samal
10. Karaoke: A Powerful Tool to Improve Reading Skills
Aarti M. Punjabi and Yasmeen Lukmani
11. The Role of ‘Noticing’ In Learning Grammar
Vijaya John Kohli
12. Exploring Multiple Intelligences through Storytelling in the Classroom
Shefali Ray
13. Language Teaching in Inclusive Education
Santosh Kumar
14. Language Teaching and Learning for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Shubhangi Vaidya and Merry Barua

List of Figures and Tables

7.1       Mustafa
7.2       Making a ruumali roti
8.1       Results based on Personality type (in percentage)
8.2       Results based on attitude preferences (in percentage)
8.3       Results based on attitude preferences (in percentage)

8.1       The four MBTI dichotomies and facets
8.2       Communication facets of the MBTI dichotomies
8.3       The distribution of personality types among the participants before the NLP workshop
8.4       The distribution of personality types among the participants after the NLP workshop
9.1       Performance of the Experimental Group (original scripts) (EO) Experimental Group (rewritten versions) (ER) and Control Group (C)
9.2       Improvement in scores from Exercise I to VII in the Experimental Group Original Script, Experimental Group Rewritten Version and Control Group: Original Script

10.1     Comparison of pre-test and post-test scores on reading comprehension
10.2     Gains from pre-test to post-test for all questions
10.3     Gains from pre-test to post-test for factual and inferential questions
10.4     Reading speed at the pre-test and post-test levels

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