Samyukta Rashtra evm Vaishvik Sangharsh
Vijay Kumar Verma
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Samyukta Rashtra evm Vaishvik Sangharsh is a core/text book for the BA (Hons) Political Science courses of Delhi University. This is a generic elective (interdisciplinary) paper for first four semesters of CBCS  UG course. 
It will also cater to the Political science course of School of Open Learning.  It also covers some parts of the syllabus on the United Nations for Civil serices courses.

This book is a detailed account of the organizational structure and the political process of the UN, and how it has evolved since 1945, especially in terms of dealing with the major global conflicts.

The Book is divided into five parts:
I.The United Nations
(a) An Historical Overview of the United Nations;
(b) Principles and Objectives;
(c) Structures and Functions: General Assembly, Security Council, and Economic and Social Council; the International Court of Justice and the specialized agencies
(d) Peace Keeping, Peace Making and Enforcement, Peace Building and Responsibility to Protect;
(e) Millennium Development Goals.

II. Major Global Conflicts since the Second World War:
(a) Korean War
(b) Vietnam War
(c) Afghanistan Wars
(d) Balkans: Serbia and Bosnia. It also covers Assessment of the United Nations as an International Organization: Imperatives of Reforms and the Process of Reforms.

III.Social and Economic Issues: Human rights, Women’s rights, Global Environment, Peace and Development, UN and the third world countries. 

IV. Assessment of the UN.

V. Appendix: UN Charter, Universal declaration of Human rights, International Court of Justice, Independence of colonies, Peace Keeping Missions.

This book provides UN charter both in Hindi and English, as ready reference for students and reader to consult.

Dr Vijay Kumar Verma is Senior Assistant Professor, Political Science department, Dyal Singh College University of Delhi. He is M.A. and Ph.D. and also a law graduate from Delhi University. His specialization is International relations and India’s foreign policy. Samyukt Rashtra evm Vaishvik Sangharsh is his first publication. He has been teaching political science for nearly fourteen years.

Part I: Samyukta Rashtra: Aitihaski Pristhabhumi, Siddhant evm Uddeshya
Pramukh Ang, Sanrachna evm Karya

  1. Rashtrasangh (the Legue of Nations)

  2. Samyukta Rashtra ke gathan ki Aitihaski Pristhabhumi (Historical background of the formation of the United Nations)

  3. Samyukta Rashtra: Siddhant evm Uddeshya (the United Nations: Principles and objectives)

  4. Mahasabha (the General Assembly)

  5. Suraksha Parishad (the Security Council)

  6. Aarthik aur Saamaajik Parishad (Economic and Social Council)

  7. Nyasa parishad (Trusteeship Council)

  8. Antarrashtriya Nyaayaalaya (International Court of Justice)

  9. Sachivaalya (the Secreteriat)

  10. Samyukta Rashtra ke Vishisht Abhikaran (Specialised agencies of the United Nations)

  11. Gair-Sarkari Sanghthan evm Samyukta Raashtra (Non Government Organisation and the United Nations)

  12. Samyukta Rashtra Charter mein Sanshodhan (Amendments in the United Nations Charter)

Part II: Vaishvik Sangharsh

  1. Dvitiya Vishvayudhh ke Baad ke Pramukh Vaishvik Sangharsh (Major global conflicts after the Second World War)

  2. Cuba Sankat (the Cuba Crisis)

  3. Vietnaam Yudhh (the Vietnam War)

  4. Arab-Israili Sangharsh (the Arab-Israeli conflict)

  5. Iran-Iraq Yudhh evm Afghanistan mein Russi Hastakshep (Iran-Iraq war and Russain interference in Afghanistan)

  6. Balkan Samasya evm Kosovo Sankat ( the Issue of Balkan and the Kosovo crisis)

  7. Kuchh Pramukh Sankat (Few major conflicts)

  8. Khadi Sankat (the Gulf crisis)

  9. Kashmir Samasya (the Kashmir Issue)

Part III: Saamaajik aur Aarthik Mudde

  1. Maanavaadhikaar (Human Rights)

  2. Mahila adhikaar (Women's Rights)

  3. Vaishvik Paryavaran (Global environment)

  4. Shanti aur Vikas (Peace and development)

  5. Samyukta Rashtra evm Teesari Duniya (the United Nations and the third world)

  6. Saamuhik Suraksha evm Kshetravaad ( Collective security and regionalism)

Part IV: Samyukta Rashtra Ka Mulyaankan

  1. Naabhikiya Prasaar (Nuclear proliferation)

  2. Aatankwad (Terrorism)

  3. Samyukta Raashtra aur Nirastrikaran (the United Nations and disarmament)

  4. Samyukta Raashtra tatha Anurakshan Karyavaahi (the United Nations and Peace keeping exercise)

  5. Samyukta Rashtra : Ek Mulyaankan [The United Nations : An evaluation]

I Samyukta Rashtra Ka Ghoshnapatra (the UN Charter)
II Antarrashtriya Nyayalaya Ki samvidhi 
III Charter of the United Nations
IV Statue of the International Court of Justice
V Universal Declartion of Human Rights
VI Member States of United Nations
VII Upniveshon ki Swadheenta
VIII Shanti Anurakshan Karyavahi


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