Bhartiya Shasan, Samvaidhanik Loktantra aur Rajnitik Prakriya Foreword by Professor Rekha Saxena
Tapan Biswal (Volume editor),
140 x 216 mm
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Territorial Rights
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This textbook is written as per the CBCS syllabus for the following  papers of BA Political Science First year:
Indian Government and Politics [BA Programme Paper II]
Constitutional Government and Democracy in India  [Sem I Paper 1]and 
Political Process in India [Sem I paper II].  

The book covers the basic structure of Indian government; how constitutional democracy works; and the political process takes place during the functionality of Indian Democracy.

This book will acquaint students with the constitutional design of state structures and institutions, and their actual working on over a period of time. The Indian Constitution accommodates conflicting impulses (of liberty and justice, territorial decentralization and a strong union, for instance) within itself.

The book further  shows that actual politics in India diverges quite significantly from constitutional legal rules. An understanding of the political process thus calls for a different mode of analysis - that offered by political sociology. It will also familiarize students with the working of the Indian state, paying attention to the contradictory dynamics of modern state power.

The book has 27 Chapters spread over 10 Units.
The book is appended with bibliography, index and political terminology English-Hindi.

The Foreword of the book is written by Professor Rekha Saxsena , Department of Political Science, University of Delhi. 

Tapan Biswal is Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, School of Open Learning, University of Delhi. He has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students for more than two decades. He is a well published author, he has many books and research papers to his credit. He was former member of the Academic Council, Delhi University.  He has to his credit books on Comparative Politics, Human Rights, gender and Environment and its interconnection and International relations and political economy.

Professor Rekha Saxsena, is the Professor, Department of Political Scince, University of Delhi.

  1. Bhartiya Rajniti ke Adhyayan ke Upagam (Approaches to the study of Indian politics)
  2. Bhartiya Rajya Ki Prakriti (Nature of Indian State)
  3. Bhartiya Samvidhan ka Darshan (Philosophy of the Indian Constitution)
  4. Maulik Adhikaar aur Rajya ke Neeti Nideshak Siddhant (Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles)
  5. Vidhayika  (The Legislature)
  6. Karyapalika  (The Executive)
  7. Nyayapalika  (The Judiciary)
  8. Sanghvaad (Federalism)
  9. Bhartiya Samvidhan mein Aapaatkal ka Praavadhaan (Emergency Provisions in the Indain Constitution)
  10. Bharat mein Vikendrikaran (Decentralization in India)
  11. Panchayati Raj: Grameen  Shasan mein Mudde (Panchayati Raj : Issues in Governance)
  12. Nagriya Swashasan : Nagarpalika v Nagar Nigam (Urban Self- Governance: Municipalities)
  13. Congreesi Vyavastha (Congress System)
  14. Bharat mein Bahudaliya Vyavastha ka Yug (The Era of Multi-Party System in India)
  15.  Bharat mein Matdaan Vyavhaar thatha Uske Nirdharan Tatva (Determinants of Voting Behaviour)
  16. Purvottar Bharat aur Kashmir mein Kshetriya Aakanshayein (Regional Aspirations in Jammu & Kashmir and in the North-east)
  17.  Rajyon ka Punarghathan (Reorganization of States)
  18.  Secularvaad par Bahas ( Debates on Secularism)
  19.  Bhartiya Rajniti mein Saampradayikta (Communalism in Indian Politics)
  20.  Alpsanyakhak tatha Bahusankhyak  ke beech Bahas ( Minority-Majority Debate)
  21.  Bhartiya Rajniti mein Jaati  (Caste in Indian Politics)
  22.  Varg aur Pitrasatta (Class and Patriarchy)
  23.  Bharat mein Sakaratmak Karyavahi: Jaati, Varg aur Gender (Affirmative Action in India)
  24.  Bharat mein Samajik Andolan (Social Movements in India)

(i). Shramik Andolan (Workers Movement)
(ii). Krishak Andolan (Peasants Movement)
(iii) Paryavaranvaad : Ek Samajik Andolan (Environment Movement)
(iv) Dalit Andolan (Dalit Movement)
(v). Mahila Andolan (Women’s Movement)

  1. Bhartiya Rajya ka Vikasatamak Aayam (Developmentalist Agenda of the Indian States)
  2. Bhartiya Rajya ka Kalyankari Aayam (Welfare Agenda of the Indian State)
  3. Bhartiya Rajya ka Damankari Aayam (Coercive Dimensions of the Indian State)



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